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  1. Afrikaans

    tell me if you do because i live in RSA
  2. Problems... Help!

    I am constantly "Connecting to server", cant login, or create new character Processor Speed: 2Ghz RAM: 1024mb Graphics Card: NVIDIA Geforce 6200 256mb Hard drive space (In GB): 80gb Hard drive 20 spare Version of Eternal Lands running:Newest Operating System and version:Windows XP Home service pack 2 Contents of error_log.txt: Log started at 2006-12-25 16:31:58 localtime (South Africa Standard Time) [16:31:59] Error: Can't open file "quest.log" [16:31:59] Downloading http://www.eternal-lands.com/updates132/files.lst from www.eternal-lands.com [16:31:59] Error: Can't open file "commands.lst" Internet connection speed: Communications 48.8 kilobits per second Storage 6 kilobytes per second 1MB file download 2.9 minutes Subjective rating Slow What else you have running other than eternal lands. This includes on the taskbar on Windows. Exactly when and what you were doing while the error occored. Norton, but i did everything in the norton help guide. Also: I did the work around in trouble shoot and i got the error log above !
  3. Problems... Help!

    *sigh* I went through all the norton stuff. i guess i will have to wait until someone else can help me further, Thanks for everything so far piper
  4. Problems... Help!

    Indeed, i saw test server with some random characters after that. Ok so how would i change which port i allow?
  5. Problems... Help!

    It tries to connect, and then the screen goes black. the same happens with the green leaf one unfortunatly. Okay, so you have a general problem with port 2000. You are sure, you have the firewall disabled? Are using a router to connect to the internet? Any kind of network which may block port 2000? Piper Hmm i connect through a laptop right next to my cpu xD I use a 3g card[but i only get gprs in this back water town i live in], both computers use norton, both have el as an ok thing, and the ip adress is all set up, also they both have the fire wall disabled >.> I dont know what else to say
  6. The 12 days of Christmas clarification

    So it doesn't run away of course! Its wings were probably clipped too, so it couldnt fly away... them partriges are tricky creatures... and because there were no cages, you use a tree! Simply magic. Who wants to fall out of a tree anyway?
  7. Problems... Help!

    It tries to connect, and then the screen goes black. the same happens with the green leaf one unfortunatly.
  8. Problems... Help!

    Does this solve it? Err... No. It seems to be a port 2000 error, and i have my fire wall disabled! My ini is. Only directives that start with a # are taken in consideration Anything else is treated as a comment For the directives that accept a boolean value (on/off), 0 is off, 1 is on !!!WARNING!!! Make a backup of this file, before messing with it. In case it gets corrupted, the game might not start at all, etc. Login settings: #server_address = game.eternal-lands.com #server_port = 2000 #username = "" #password = "" video modes: 1 = 640x480 16bpp 2 = 640x480 32bpp 3 = 800x600 16bpp 4 = 800x600 32bpp 5 = 1024x768 16bpp 6 = 1024x768 32bpp 7 = 1152x864 16bpp 8 = 1152x864 32bpp 9 = 1280x1024 16bpp 10 = 1280x1024 32bpp #video_mode = 4 #full_screen = 0 #no_adjust_shadows = 0 #shadows_on = 1 #use_shadow_mapping = 1 #max_shadow_map_size = 1024 #clouds_shadows = 1 #show_reflection = 1 #show_fps = 1 #limit_fps=0 #poor_man = 0 #use_vertex_array = 1 #use_mipmaps = 0 #use_point_particles = 1 #particles_percentage = 100 #mouse_limit=15 #normal_camera_rotation_speed = 35.0 #fine_camera_rotation_speed = 5.0 #sit_lock = 0 #item_window_on_drop = 1 #view_digital_clock = 0 #relocate_quickbar = 0 #show_stats_in_hud = 0 #show_help_text = 1 #auto_afk_time = 5 #afk_message = "Automessage: I am currently away from my computer" #use_global_ignores = 1 #use_global_filters = 0 #text_filter_replace = smeg #save_ignores = 1 #log_server = 1 #name_text_size = 1.0 Reserved for future usage #name_font = 0 #chat_text_size = 1.0 Reserved for future usage #chat_font = 0 #no_sound = 0 #sound_gain = 100 #music_gain = 100 For Windows NT/2K/XP #browser = "start iexplore.exe" For Win9* If you don't use quotation marks, the spaces will be stripped. browser = "c:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe" For Linux: Just put a # before the browser you use, and make sure there there are not two or more browsers selected. That is, deselect the windows browser browser = konqueror browser = opera browser = mozilla browser = netscape Choose your language - all languages available are located in the ./languages/ folder in your eternal lands directory. The languages are however easily extendable and if you wish, you can translate the client into your language by editing the files found in the languages directory. #language = en This option is currently only available on linux, and allows you to specify a directory other than the current directory to load data from. For Gentoo users, the ebuild installs in /usr/share/games/eternal-lands. #data_dir = /usr/local/games/el/ #render_fog = 1 #use_vertex_buffers = 1 #click_speed = 300 #compass_north = 1 #caps_filter = 1 #log_chat = 2 #windowed_chat = 1 #write_ini_on_exit = 1 #ati_click_workaround = 0 #use_alpha_border = 1 #use_floating_messages = 1 #local_chat_separate = 0 #guild_chat_separate = 1 #server_chat_separate = 0 #mod_chat_separate = 0 #highlight_tab_on_nick = 1 #isometric = 0 #perspective = 0.15 #near_plane = 35 #buddy_log_notice = 1 #gamma = 1 #shadow_map_size = 3 #use_compiled_vertex_array = 1 #enable_sound = 0 #enable_music = 0 #show_statbars_in_hud = 0 #afk_local = 0 #autoupdate = 1 #use_old_clicker = 0 #use_frame_buffer = 0 #windows_on_top = 0
  9. Anyone? mebbe mebbe not ^^ well i just thought i would check up to see how everyone is going
  10. doom and masters capes

    anyone got pictures?? i want to see em (and ent/roja do you have the md2 files for them? i wanna wear em lol)
  11. =P CO Lair was Raided

    http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v27/Aitrus/invasion.bmp Today the CO Cave was raided by a small group of almost naked adventurers, we have identified the three in the photo and an extra member named "Kamoricks" these four people raided looted and pillaged, they took wine, beer, bones and bread! "Muhahaah o.o in your face" was found painted on the walls all over the place! the four looters are considered not at all dangerous and should be congratulated on sight
  12. Guilds

    This is to see if Trop is right and to prove emby wrong
  13. New spell

    Im serious we need Evards Black Tentacles Of Forced Entrusion along with the other usual spells like fireball ice bolt, lightning etc so Gimme Gimme Gimme Now Now NOW!
  14. Good Bye El!

    Im sick of el, even though i just got back. i would love to keep playing but i dont want me speaking up to haunt me for the rest of my EL Life so im leaving, as an out cast. Even as i was saying goodbye to friends on the newbie channel You were warned by mod kit hmm interesting anyway i might come back from time to time to say goodbye to friends i didnt get to say goodbye too. Also isnt it interesting when sides are drawn who is really your friend? *sigh* ok people i hope you enjoy your el lives and maybe ill see you as someone else in barren moon Things ive always wanted to say: Roja: Good Game, to bad about some of the players Scarr/shivar/whatever the hell your called now: Get a grip of yourself There isnt really anyone else i dislike o.o weird but here are some messages to other people Kiri: see ya mate, maybe ill catch you around sometime Kala: bye ill really miss you ACE/TC/Old GDC clan: Bye guys have a good life Black Complex: See ya man, glad you enjoyed the textures Freeone: Cya dude, hope CO dosent smack you to bad for the raid Anyone else who i forgot im sorry but ill miss you all If any of you wanna contact me my e-mail is lod_lod@hotmail.com And for the final time, this is the ranting man... Signing off....
  15. EL's First Lawyer

    You heard Right, want to file a charge of theft. arson, robbery or assault? then im your man!* Want to divorce your new EL spouse? want to rob them blind? im your man!* Want to end up giving all your money to me? im your man!* So call me on 1800-Sue-You and dont forget Im YOUR man!* *terms and conditions may apply, see free pamplet for details# #no pamplets may be available
  16. EL's First Lawyer

    except me?
  17. Most likely to...

    ohh i thought it meant somethign different xD
  18. Most likely to...

    2. Most likely to have a war started over him/her. me o.o 3. Most likely to be banned. me o.o 5. Most likely to be re-noobified. me o.o 6. Most likely to reset again and again and again... again me o.o 8. Most likely to be the most hated player in EL. guess who? me x.x
  19. Song game...

    Star Light- Supermen Lovers
  20. Gunbound

    i thought you were pbanned o.O
  21. EL's First Lawyer

    Sorry but #no pamplets may be available x.x and your welcome SKA
  22. Song game...

    (omg i almost forgot this one) Like A Burning Ring Of Fire- Johnny Cash
  23. doom and masters capes

    so they were just plain black and grey >.> no skulls on the back or some master symbol?? >.>
  24. EL's First Lawyer

    i actually got a job o.o and i will to the best of my ability try to win
  25. Song game...

    Hello Hello - The Cat Empire (does that count?)