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  1. o.0 how come it looks so horrible in that ss? I thought Guildwars looked good >< And eh, Lineage 2 actually has plenty of legal(!) private servers. They're just 1 chronicle behind the paid ones.
  2. Random Stuff

  3. Get Rid Of Ant Petition

    This seems to be a truly amazing AI... Totally new indeed. U could make money out of this
  4. Massive Cooperating Mules Discovered And Locked.

    o.0 Which ISP is it then? So that other people who happened to have that ISP dont suddenly get locked out, making them think they're bad...
  5. Forum Problem-SOLVED

    Yep, fixed it here
  6. Pp Reset

    This is definitely a no, for I totally agree with Lyanna, Daxon, and the others who made similar arguments.
  7. Forum Problem-SOLVED

    I know this isnt about the game, but there aint another appropriate forum to post this... The problem is quite simple but annoying really; It wont remember my login info, even though I could the 'remember me' thingie checked. So I got to login manually each time. I know it's small, but as said, annoying...
  8. Good Job Devs!

    That's how the whole of humanity seems to work. Nobody seems to care when all is perfect, but when things go wrong they all get to flame someone for it.
  9. People of USA, watch out

    Are u guys that lazy over there...? Out here most of the ppl still drive with manual, and I would too.... Auto just makes u lazy n sleepy
  10. Who Dreams About Eternal Lands?

    ...and what are we supposed to think of that?
  11. Sage Francis

    u would probably get it Not if she really looks like her avatar...
  12. Monsters Invasions

    My idea on the time limit: After say, 20 minutes, reduce the amount of points the defenders have by 1 per minute. That way Theý will do their best to hurry, but they wont lose everything if somehow they can't succeed. Just love your ideas Lyanna
  13. Ok, Im not gonna say anything about the new harvesting system, since there are plenty of people who did so already. Oops, now I did it after all.... :lol:
  14. Repairing Equipment

    Korgan, since you're constantly talking about "we dwarves", how tall are you in real life?
  15. Monsters Invasions

    Hehe, I would like to see them official store bots kick ass... They would make the area around them relatively safe