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  1. Banned

    i think he should get another chance. he apologized and everything and obviously is sorry.
  2. Why Am I Banned?

    ok ill try. but i still hope that i can be unbanned from el and be able to play it again. but ill find u in kal otl.
  3. Why Am I Banned?

    ok then. im sorry for posting on. plz close this thread and ill be on my way. see ya otl. it was nice knowing ya. im going to go play kalonline cya guys.
  4. Why Am I Banned?

    hey otl whats up
  5. Why Am I Banned?

    i know. i didnt do anything that bad. i admit i did it. i apologized a bunch of times. i really think i deserve another chance. tnks ember
  6. Why Am I Banned?

    no, im not giving it up because i did something that didnt end the world and i think i should get another chance. all i did is have FeI and kaptain_ramius on at the same time, and i gave kaptain_ramius a steel chain from fei. i wasnt even playing on kaptain_ramius. jewbeans cousin was . he just needed someone to start him off, so there is no chance im giving this up. and whats up with all these bashings on me. what the hell did i ever do to u jebus? i dont even know u dude.
  7. Why Am I Banned?

    r u a moderator? if not then plz back off. i dont remember having any beef with u. and plus this is just a game, so calm down.
  8. Why Am I Banned?

    lord vermor, could u plz tell me if im ever gonna be unbanned again? i dotn think learner likes me and thats why hes not responding. i really want to play el. would any mod just answer my questions within a period of 1 week. plz
  9. Why Am I Banned?

    aaron, stfu dude, just let learner respond. i hate u so bad dont make this situation even worse!!!!
  10. Why Am I Banned?

    Can i take this long no response time as i am not ever gonna be unbanned again? Learner plz respond and tell me if im gonna be unbanned. I apologized like 3 times already. plz plz plz
  11. Im The Real Zed

    dude this is like the seventh post you put on the forums about you being banned. just put one and wait for a moderator to reply.
  12. Why Am I Banned?

    look, i am really really sorry. i was just trying to help my friend out. he just started to play the game and i was just giving him some equipment. i will never ever do it again. plz, u gotta believe me. i swear to my god i will never do anything illegal again. promise.
  13. Why Am I Banned?

    omg would a mod plz respond here and tell me if im gonna get unbanned. i apologized and said i would never do it again. i mean it. plz unban me or reply here or something
  14. Why Am I Banned?

    I know the reason im banned for, its just theres no mods responding to the other post. I am really sorry for the way i used my character FeI and my friends character Kaptain_ramius. It will never happen again.
  15. Why Am I Banned?

    jesus christ just let a mod reply.