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  1. Summon

    Sry for the new topic aisi i couldnt find another topic about summon even tho i know there is 1 somewhere! I accidentally found out that 2 months ago EL got some new creatures in summoning skill ! So i went so armed orc / gob / cyc etc !! Now my suggestion is cant devs make a Giant to be summoned? It's also as a role play spell since in the times of wizards and stuff like EL has , lots of wizards and lets say gods had Giants defending they lands , secrets or treasures !! How about giant summoning ! it could look like this Animal nexus required 6 5 wooden hammers 20 raw meats 20 bones 15 life ess 1 wooden shield 1 serp sword or stone ! (note: wooden hammer and wooden shield - to make him look like he does all brown - leather equiped and wooden hammer) Roja made us unicorn - i wanna summ 1 please roja
  2. Setting Prices - New items

    Well i think no1 wants to happen like it happened with iron stuff, every noobie having full iron set by harvesting 10k lupines .... SO im waiting suggestions of starting prices ! IMO they should be over the npc prices ! who hasnt got antisocial their win who has it well keep market on track ??? So most used items as i saw till now are : TIT shield , Cutlas, Rapier, Tit cuises and greaves! These are my price suggestions imho : Tit shield : 1k from tit. bars 20k from hydro bars 200gc from fes 4k from binding stone +10k for manufacturing it 35.2k (35k to be round number) Cutlass: Cutlass i wont make like above ....since all ppl sell it for 32k so guess its set and the ores are in non dangerous areas Rapier: Im selling for 38.5k 1,5k - tit bars 10k from efes 27k from hydro 200gc thread + leather +15k manu level 53.7(53k to make it round ) Tit greaves: 900- tit bars 10k -efes 20k - hydro 150gc - minorities +10k manu level 41.05g (41k) I dunno i guess its exagerating but u use both FP when making bars when making swords for bars fes and stuff so thats also a cost !!! Please ur opinions ! I dunno if we should only take opinions from manuers!! Can i get it Sticky too please?
  3. Summon

    See roja he wants to cut him i wanna make him
  4. Setting Prices - New items

    If my ideea is to rip off antisocial ....for ur matter my level in manu is not high enough to succesfully make enough armors/weapons to sell around! so clearly ur accusation is no good from the start ! I just said to keep prices up ! Heres 1 scenario for u : X: selling "new armor" for 50k Y: selling "new armor" for 45k X:selling "new armor " for 30 k 20 Noobies coming: *going harvest liliacs * 20 noobies returning: WTF FULL "new armor" set And is it just me or u have just joined soon and didnt saw how price of EFE dropped from 15k to 2.5 in couple of months and how market got spammed with "iron plate sets" But it's also true no1 can impose their prices to others thats why i asked and also topic is set to "LETS SET PRICES TO NEW ITEMS" not "THESE ARE...." Im still waiting ur prices opinions havent seen 1 so far(show some numbers)
  5. The new formulas!

    OMG the damn tit shield no wonder i wasnt able to guess that ! damn the only formula i had no ideea where to start :/ Anyway tks ent
  6. New leather-iron armor

    Roja did it again
  7. Day of Joule

    REND IS BOOS x100 times Gief Thermal serp
  8. Day of Joule

    U'll get heat, radiation damage all day but for much more damage then normal and not just in 1 specific zone but everywhere except IP 1st ideea:So by using joule law about energy , because of this heat , radiation damage any weapon u get hit with during this day will make ur gear break or degrade instantly !( the heat effct released in that day ) 2nd ideea: Because of Heat , radiaton effect each hit will act like u have Gelatines bones perk +15 aditional damage or +5 Note: On all nonpk maps ull just loose let's say 5hp/minute if not dressed properly or shielded(by magic) properly Add: Loosing 10 mana every minute getting 10 hp converting - spirit energy into health
  9. So, what do we think about the new changes?

    New changes? these include the new sets of weap/ armos too right? Well IMO the level u set for making them i belive u started from the top 5 level manuers! But still i guess it's way to high for some1 leveled 70s in manu still having such a big failrate on the new weaps armors ! yes for the tit set i understand but .....they all require a high level in manu ! An the ingreds lets say for 1 tit plate will be gathered in like 1 day if u're doing it alone ! All in all i think the changes are nice and the monsters and the new pots and amor / weap sets
  10. Mortos Challange

    Gratz cash GJ toomass Even tho after killing the 4th u waited 6 mins to kill a 5th giant . And MORTOS noob god (wink wink) released 4 giants when argian got eaten by GURE (mortos keep ur pet in a leash) GJ ALL FIGHTERS NExt time contest should be in a more wide space and private!
  11. Fals Acusations

    SHeesh got me banned from contest on what reason ? Let me tell u ! He gave me the scorr he got to some1 else wihtout even looking at my stuff! I got plenty of witnesses that saw me say "How can u make me a score? i didnt even gave u the stuff?" I said that at least 20 times ! Dont Get ur players wrong please !! CLear MY NAME !!! I never cheat!!!! DONT DESTROY MY REPUTATION BECAUSE U CONFUSE PLAYERS !!!!! IF i must ill post a 5 post long chat log with everything that was said at the contes !!! Please CLear my name
  12. Fals Acusations

    here is the proof i found when aislin told me to do it ! EVEN THE harm was done i built my reputation from day 1 of EL got destroyed in a couple of minutes by her ! SAD ! great job
  13. Glilin Event Results

    Very Very nice contest indeed The ideea was original and it created a nice competition I cant wait for next one for the next armor recipe ) Gratz Dunian !
  14. YES all the way ! It's very annoying when u wanna train a guildie at lets say 5 in the morning and no GM/ council member being online to kick u and take u back in guild! Training would be much more easier (pvp) THe misclicks in a war situation / pk event is indeed a problem
  15. What is your political compass score?

    Your political compass Economic Left/Right: -1.25 Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -1.79
  16. Mortos Challange

    q: summoning allowed ?
  17. Glilin Reveals Secret Armor Recipe

    q:Location ? q:Are manu pots allowed ? q:will the contest involve smeltin/molding the new implemented metals ??? Thank you !
  18. EF Client - Explained

    since me and my wife decided to stop playing again becuz of EF i can also tell u this! *YOu were harmed by smooms *YOu were harmed by smooms *YOu were harmed by smooms nothing out of the ordinary right? BUt those 3 harms were casted all at once ! Took less than 1 sec to cast 3 harms on me!! wonder how i've been wondering since he killed me once with 5 instant harms! Good Bye! tks to all ingame that made me and my wife life in EL a living hell (spawn serping / pk training etc) P.S. Guns dont kill ppl, ppl kill ppl ! Game doenst make ppl quit! Ppl make other ppl quit! Take care -_- Best regards from Japan (itachi ) and Lord_n1k0n (n1k0Le)
  19. The Economy...again

    Ppl should raise prices and that's that E.g - big request on HE price went up to 5-6-7 from 3.5-4 -Diss ring went down! make it 120 -Pl8s i mean cmon every noob has them - make em back to 10k grv 12-13k cui 19k chestpl8 I can make pl8s nor diss (diss fail a lot) but i mean i got to make 5k hes one day and didnt felt like fighting so i announced im selling got 3 offers: 4-6-9 gc each
  20. More Spawns

    fluff / cyc spawns are 24/24 7/7 busy !
  21. New quest, big prize

    Does the quest have any rewards? I dont mean ur rings i dont care of that I mean like the wine quest or leather quest? Does it have any benefits or it's just a quest so game has quests to make
  22. To know or not to know.

    or says Oy what u doin ? hmmm no answer ! banned! ^_^
  23. Non

    Yes rulles seem to have changed a bit Sry for my previous post than ! *re-reading rulles *
  24. forget CM spawns We need over 5-6 fluff spawns in irilion thats what we need
  25. Non

    #HINT : Beware of scammers! SCAMMING IS NOT AGAINST THE RULES! so just be carefull