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  1. i think im banned

    Yes i understand. Thank you very much!
  2. i think im banned

    Yes I would like to keep only Ruby. I have two characters, bonecollector and Ruby. I will delete bonecollector because I don't use that character anymore. I was unaware that I cannot have two characters. But I apologize for doing that, and now that I know, I have no problem deleting bonecollector. I don't plan on having an alt or sharing any character.
  3. i think im banned

    Oh I understand. Well I wont lie to you, we did used to help each other, we haven't played together for several months now. I apologize, I did not know this was illegal. However, my brother and my old character both log in just fine. There would have been no one else on the same IP that I would have interacted with. We no longer live together so trading from the same IP wont be a problem, and I will delete my other inactive character immediately. Is there anyway I can be unlocked?
  4. i think im banned

    Im sorry I dont know what thats means. Does it mean its illegal to have two characters? If so ill delete the other one right away!
  5. i think im banned

    Not unless someone hacked the character. I hope thats not the case. It must have been at least 2 months since I last logged in.
  6. i think im banned

    I really cant think of what I could have done. Its been quite awhile since I've played, but i really believe I always followed the rules. Would you be able to tell me what the cause for the ban was? I didnt stop playing because I was banned, last I knew everything was fine. So I think this happened while my character was inactive?
  7. i think im banned

    Oh I see. Well the only thing I could think of is that my brother also plays and I have an older character which is not in use anymore. All 3 of which are on the same IP. Can someone confirm that this is the issue? That should leave bonecollector, Ruby and my brother who's name I believe is balthasar3. Although the other 2 characters can log in just fine. So maybe this isnt the problem?
  8. i think im banned

    Hello, I have a character named Ruby. I haven't played in quite awhile. When i type in my log in information nothing happens and a forum topic said this means I'm banned, but I'm not sure why. Is there any way I can get my character back? Thank you, James
  9. ELG Harvest Shop

    May i place an order for 14.2k iron ore. Thank you In-game name: Ruby
  10. How about an enriched health essence? It would be semi rare while making health essences. It would allow a player to do a restoration using only 1 enriched health essence in place of 4 regular health essences. What do you think?
  11. Crash when i change to full screen

    Ah ha. Thank you very much. This worked
  12. Crash when i change to full screen

    My el client will run when i leave it in windowed mode but when i try to go full screen it crashes. Both computers are vista with nvidia graphics. Everything is up to date and it has worked before, just not since i reinstalled with the newest client. Any ideas? Thanks Edit: I can change to full screen from the login window but when i login it also crashes.
  13. Efe For Sale!

  14. First Day Acomplishments

    i looked back at my chat log from when i first started. Its funny to see all the newbie questions i asked
  15. Depositing To Storage

    It would also be really helpful to have a deposit all button, im tired of clicking deposit again and again for all the different items im holding.