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    Umm playing EL obviously :P
  1. Thinking Of Comming Back?

    and then who do I talk to on kal??? Was thinking of coming back myself actually
  2. Bots

    Yes, I think they should at least be in a certain area....
  3. Bots

    So if you know how to code, you get to sell afk <_< There should be no bots, Except for wanderingfool and idiot :lol: they rock. If anything, make a designated selling area where players can set up shops And advertise by their names, NOT in a channel ect... KILL BOTS!!!
  4. Woot Learner's Bot Is Hitting On Me

    lmfao...bongo thanks so much for this entertainment. I love talking with those guys and chasing them around attempting to heal em to get my "karma" up. What exactly is that for anyways?
  5. Watch Out For Shasso

    lol...same thing I do nowadays
  6. A Question For The Guys In Charge

    I think that is the point of busting your ass to make things.....*Begins throwing titanium bars in the river* damn 40gc...
  7. Grrrrah

    Did you download the particle supporting client from Quells page?
  8. Ok C Ya

    Cool Ill check it out. Rubies is kinda done with me now. Seems my machine is just too slow
  9. Ok C Ya

    Rya... Well try out Rubies of Eventide while we wait for EL to get better. www.cyberwar.com Pretty fun free mmorpg
  10. Cant Connect

    I hope something didnt break. Sorry Aepox
  11. Cant Connect

    Damn damn damn...This is never good
  12. Cant Connect

    Just got kicked and cant get back on. Anyone else having this problem?
  13. What Is Up W/harvesting?

    Hehe, you said booty
  14. Red Ants O.o

    LOL thats called marone xD err maroon :lol: