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  1. sorry i've been gone

    wb jello, c u ingame.
  2. Terrorist support for movie 9/11

    Im gonna go see that movie for a school trip. Bowling for Columbine was all good and I think 9/11 will be good too. Hmm...Moore's point of view is a bit radical but I like it because it shows a different side to the story...anyway, should be a good doco.
  3. Fight for your country

    Haha, Poland is da best. Lots of lakes. HOT girls. LOTS of piss and a fudged up government...nobody can beat that ...except maybe Netherlands...
  4. Somethink about my country:P

    Hahahahhaha, ale smieszny zart. Przepraszam muj polski nie jest taki dobry.
  5. Fight for your country

    New Zealand is pretty crap...dont come here.
  6. Programming

    There are manuals and guides on the internet. Here is one site... http://www.cprogramming.com/tutorial.html Just read it and follow manuals. There are many other sites with all the languages but Im sure you can find them yourself.
  7. Happy new year guys

    Nilly, just because its new years in france doesnt mean its new years everywhere else... Time zone differences, u know? I had New Years 18 hours before Americans so its like mid afternoon when USA is having New Years. Also, some ppl dont have anythign better to do than play on New Years.
  8. Map Making

    You only need internet if you send the map in. Otherwise....you dont need internet.
  9. LLAMATHISM!!!!!

    I know how you feel Tumaros...
  10. Real Life Names...

    Ingame name: Life Surname: Pozaroszczyk (yea thats right, 12 letter surname) Nickname: Socks (for my bad tanline.... u figure it out!) Age: 17 Status: Single
  11. land expansion

    This would be so hard to implement probably. And why oriental style? There are tons of other cultural styles you could adopt in this game.
  12. Horses and stuff for them

    Oh yea, and be able to make the armor stuff for them through manufacturing.
  13. The "Evil Castle"

    Rename the castle and put in an interior and the king of that castle in...
  14. Two Suggestions

    All the areas are finished with a couple of minor glitches here and there. The handdrawn maps make it better if it is a bit more inaccurate, this gives a feeling of being a bit more fantasy style then having satellite accurate maps. About the map for inside the cave, there doesnt have to be a map. How many caves do you know that have maps in real life? There are also some other caves being made at the moment that will contain the ability to mine gems and have multiple lvls...so its only a matter of time
  15. The Spoils of Christmas

    All of my family except for my parents and sister are on the other side of the world, so I only got 3 gifts...which was clothes :shock: I'm thinking of buying myself a comp game... Ooh, and my dad is buying me a $5000 US car in january...