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  1. Speed hax0rz

    Yes i must say a big thanks and gratz to grim. Was great fun not laughed so much for ages fyi im still cute (well wife thinks so but i do have to pay her to say it )
  2. Raw fighting

    Ok bringing the thread back on topic Thanks for the event segor was great fun, and cant wait for the next one...
  3. Hyperbag Hunt

    Ok im holding as the title says a hyperbag hunt. This will be sunday 19th at 9-10pm gmt. I hope you all log on and enjoy the fun, here is a taste of whats to come. These are the pages taken from a diray found that I came across of a traveller. The diary looks like it was started from when he 1st arrived to our fair lands. It seems that at some point he had lost some stuff and I have been trying to find them I have managed to find two of what seems like 5 lost bags and now need help finding the rest. Unfortunately I can't remember which bags I have found so you might need to retrace all the bags again. Anyway these are the pages from his diary. I hope you have better lucky then I did. By the way, I did have the forethought to mark the bags that I found with a rose so that I know where I've been. If you manage to find the lost stuff i will give you more pages from his diary it seems as if this guy tends to lose a lot of stuff. The Travellers Tale Day 1 I find myself in a strange land next to a fire that is cold. (no one around me was willing to light it for me) My 1st encounter with the locals has got me all on edge as the women I met tried to explain to me that she was the queen of these lands. (My god these ppl r strange.) I have taken up refuge in a damp cold cave where I spent the night. The next morning I ate and drank at the tavern where I was told that I could catch a shIp to better lands. Upon paying for the meal I found that I had lost my gold coins. I had a feeling that I must have left it in that damp cave where I spent the night. I did try to find it later on but could not even though I swear it was where I camped, by the lamp that I had found there. So when the women went to fetch her husband about payment for the meal I managed to slip out quietly and make haste to the ship. Day 2 I took ship and found myself in a new and wonderful land. The local tradesman pointed me in the direction of the vale saying there was wonderful scenes to behold. I headed northwest. It was not long b4 I found myself lost and confused. The dense trees had me confused and befuddled and it was getting dark. In the distance I saw a tall figure standing motionless, so I aproached with caution. But as I got close the figure it started to move and the next moment this figure, with wings, attacked me.I was lucky to get away alive. Battered and brused I ran. I ran for what seemed ages, till I could go no more. At some point because of pain and exhustion i collapsed god knows where. Morning came and I found myself on stone ground in a room which I can only describe as being void of space. I could not find my way out. I did notice the room was full of rubys which I packed into a spare bag I had. It felt like days b4 I saw another soul, who was kind and friendly and showed me my way. He told me to leave the bag of rubys I had gathered as we could not carry too much. This kind man showed me the way to the city. It was then that I relised that I had left the wrong bag in that room. I thought for a min or two whether to go back for it but then remembered that I would not be able to cross into space again. Day 27 I have been searching now for 12 days and still no sign of him... I'm sure I got the correct place! Anyway did not the man from Portland say look for the Scorpion .. well I found the Scorpion and still no sign. I'm staying with a group of desert nomads. They are good simple ppl but I dont like their taste in food, which consists of the local rabit. Day 28 : Today I found Ertan. It's been a long time finding him and I nearly forgot what I needed him for, but we manage to sort out the problem and I now make my way back to portland. When I got back to portland I realised once again I have lost my bag I think it was left in that tent but cant be sure, next time I pass i will enquire if i have left it there. Day 74: This week has been hell. We was called into battle to defend the magic school. The battle was long and hard, we was overrun by giants and the evil rabits. At one time during the battle I was so scared I nearly cried. Next i was in floods of tears laughing. The men around me could not understand and thought I was finally going insane with battle fatigue. It's funny the emotions one go thro. During the battle I found a dying mage, his body crumpled and broken. But his dying words haunt me - "find the bag at the base of the statue. Do not let the bag end up in their hands". I tryed to find this bag I take it it is hidden in the mage school but for all my efforts I can't get pass the magic barriers that r in place i tryed in vain to get thro but just could not find the way. I have to get my skills up and then I will try again. day 1245: I am tired and drained. This war has at last ended and was glad I could at last go home. Unfortunately news about the raids from Irillion did not pass to us on the front lines, maybe to stop us worrying about family and to keep our thoughts on the ememy. But even though we was told b4 we headed home this did not stop the shock I got when I finally got there. Our homes was wrecked and Merjack and his wife was still in bed when they came. their bodies still lay there where they slept, I went to Hempknight's house and the same chaos. Before I left, I left a note stuck to the chair, in knights house, as to where I will go. This place has bad memories for me now and I can no longer stay here. If you manage to find the lost items I will think about showing you more pages from his diary,It makes for good reading and im sure some good riches too
  4. Hyperbag Hunt

    Not sure i understand m8 Edit spelling
  5. Hyperbag Hunt

    Well all bags where found congratz to all who found them i hope you all enjoyed the bag hunt. Ok it seems as some of you had a hard time with some of the clues maybe it was the way i worded them even tho im english im still bad at spelling and gramma Let me know if the clues was to hard easy or to vague and I will try better next time One thing was the amount of pms i got about "am i in the correct place" and i sorry if any one was put out by my responce of " if you wish more clues ask in @1 so evey one can benifit" or " sorry i will not say one way or another". but i will not help one person and not another Hope you all had fun.
  6. Hyperbag Hunt

    Ok clue for Day 74 has had the clue extendted as i did not put it in as i thought it would b too easy but now i have added it as to many ppl are finding this one to hard
  7. Hyperbag Hunt

    As far as i know only two bags have been found the ones kit has posted above. Unless ppl r finding them and not posting I know mental found the Day 1 bag and kit the Day 1245 bag Gratz to them on finding them bags. Happy hunting.
  8. Who the hell are you?

    Just so you all know who i am. Main and PK bromber PK Alt Awax
  9. EL Shop

    Im holding back on my vote at the moment as i have not been on the server to make a judgement call on this type of vote just yet. I have lisened to all the decustions and i can agree with ppl on certain things, but i have not yet experanced anoth of the server to find out where i would stand on these issues. I would say that if there are anoth stones, enriched ess and the like comeing from ppl harvesting and mixing then no, but im only taking ppl's words for it that they do.
  10. a/d and attribute cap READ B4 U VOTE

    I voted no to caps One reason i came over the the pk server was the fact that it is posable for new player to the pk server like me can reach the top players. If the cap was not in place i dont think i would of came over, as there would of been no way i could reach the top players and it would be just like the KF pk map on the main where you would stand not chance of surviving. As for fighting the higher lv mobs, yesterdays invasion (like many have already said in there posts) showed that with great team work all the mobs r pos to kill. I have only been on the pk server a week and i have the found that the top player r with in my reach if i work hard. This has given me a goal to work to, if you up the limit that goal would become a dim light in the distance, and in the end most new player would give up. Also as segor stated the forum wont accept yr vote if u dont place a check make in the second set of boxes, if u decide to vote on this one just to get the vote in it dont show the ture way the person is voting. so my vote is NO BLANK NO Hope to b helping you all soon with the higher lv mobs
  11. Adopt a newbie program

    I think this is a very good idea. I have just moved over to the pk server. but am willing to use my main server char for this service (i cant c a prob doing both at same time as the pk char is just starting out and mainly harvesting atm if u think this is a prob plz say so). I do have some worries about this how would we know that the person just loged on is an ALT (i know you would help in identifing ppl like this and i know there would be ways for us to know IE there behaveour the way they do stuff and so on this will some times give them away) will there be some system in place that if we thougth this was an ALT that we could relie on to do some checking. and as far say helping with new stuff this would not b a problem.
  12. EL Polls

    I can't believe I read this Poll God i must be bored i read it twice..back to harvesting
  13. Gold membership

    I vote Yes, and I will buy one. I Also voted for the benifits too, normaly i say no to the benifits but in this case i think that it will be an incentive for more members as for the dif colour name (ppl could think yr just showing of that u have the gold account) this would also act as advertising for the new account (if it comes in) hench more $$$ in radu's pocket and in turn more work on the game, so i can only see this as a good thing alround. but even if the benifits was not brought in i would still surport EL by paying a monthly fee
  14. Save the Instance

    I agree to some extent with EaglePrince Yes there r a lot off scythes entering the game and this will push down the prices, what i dont agree with is making a larger range of drops, as we soon will have the same prob with those drops the more that come out the lower the prices get and the whole thing starts over again (unless radu has a very large number of special drops waiting to come into the game ). Personaly i would say make the drops rarer and drop more gcs from the boss this way the drop still stay special and ppl's intreast in the drops also stays which in turn should keep the prices up. I dont know about others but i personaly dont go into the instances JUST for the big drop, to me the instances r there for the challenge and to work with other as a team this to me is what i most want out of the instances yes there r risks and time involved but should not b the only resaon to go in is to make ton of gcs they r there for fun. This is my personal opion
  15. Harvester medallion

    I dont use Harv Med normally as the 3 or 4 that i have tryed broke very quickly, so after server update saying that the brake rate was better i thought i give them another try. And this is my conclusion. gcs total from two meds 500, blessing zero. broke both with in two hours . Weather they r worth it imo to me no (i must just be very unlucky) I have seen lots of ppl useing them and getting a very good return so for some they work.
  16. EL dreams?

    Had a wierd EL dream last night. Radu had made a new Special day called day of no weps, where players could not use weps or armour this day, but then the normal creatures of EL would suddenly start to use random weps and att player on any map on sight. I remember running thro portland scared as hell while being chased by Bob wielding a BoD screaming at me to stand and fight as he wanted revenge for the many times i have killed him.
  17. Events

    Well i was not going to post but then i saw Looters post Well thanks alot Looter now u have ruined it for the rest of us and now i understand why the mods dont do so many events any more. "stop favouritism, example someone well know like magpie lee wins a contest his name is up there in blue, if a nub like me wins they just say grats to the winners (this happened alot in the past, i rarely enter anything now)" Maybe just maybe this is not favouritism but the ability to work out the clues, some thing you and me seem to be unable to do, i have NEVER won a event since i started playing EL, And the reason why is im totaly crap at working them out, (apperntly so r you ) but it dont stop me trying and enjoying myself while i lose. The mods do a good job running event but alas i think since yr stupid post that will soon stop.......SO A BIG THANK YOU LOOTER
  18. Sign up for "advanced" instances

    Player name: bromber Country and Time zone : Uk GMT Times i play : normaly am on from about 10am till very late. Just pm or #ig pure and agree with EaglePrince team work is the fun part of the instances see you in game
  19. How Did You Get Your EL Name?

    bromber comes from when i use to play RuneQuest in the late 70's and 80's. He was my fist character i made and the name has been used for most of my RPG's. I also have a alt called awax again from RuneQuest, originaly was called awaxhawkeye. which realy dont fit the character as most of the time when he rolled to attack he missed (Should of called him blind bat).
  20. Team Building for Entering 60/80 Instance

    Ok JaJohn count me in. i will be on line from about 6pm gmt tomorrow, will met you all at mm sto.
  21. Discuss/poll about resource blocking

    i voted no. Im sorry for your loss (I too have been bj) its not nice but how ever much we dislike this part of the game it is part of the game and we just have to find ways to prevent it, changing the rules is not one of them.
  22. Instance 60 to 80 testing

    Hi all Tonight Jinxie, _ScareGlow_, Quesar, Erdie, ewill and I completed the 60-80 instance \o/ We had a good team and work well together, Quesar done a great job in leading us (thanks m8). Before we went in we decied to get another person to help mule stuff in and we had a good surply in a hyper bag. This was a BIG help haveing it muled in, and as we found out it was just anothe. 1st wave we had Feros these was easy, Mainly got gcs but also some invis pots too and magic arrow. 2nd wave was the horid melteans, we decided to wait at the top of where they spawn so they could (hopefuly) come to us, we managed to get a few this way but in the end had to go in and kill them one by one this was hard as they tend to stick together. iirc one person died on these. drops from these was gcs a few srs and some magic arrows...not sure if we got and hes 3rd wave was the Scarba 2 of them 12k hp each we managed to get these quite easy to our surprise 1st dropped 9kgc and 3SRs, 2nd was 5kgc and 3SRs 4th wave was 3 Yeti they had 300 hp and droped 6 bones + 64gc, 59gc, 20gc 5th wave was 2 dilimaci they had 20k hp each and where very hard to kill we lost ewill on them at the begianing and also by 2/3 of the way thro them we lost jinxie (if im wrong on this part sorry m8). We had a prob finding them we thought they would b at the end instead they was back at the begining and very hard to find at night time, u had to be on top of them to see them. We managed to get one down to 10k hp when the second jumped us, a few of us died but we managed to regroup and start the seach again, found the second one and got him down to 56hp with a few deaths on our side but then while we fight one the other would come and jump us. Toward the last part we was down to nothing iirc we had about 5-6 restore left between us and only a couple of dis rings left . But Quesar said we should give it one more go and at lest try to kill the one with 56 hp left as we kill him the second jumped us some how we managed to kill it \o/. They droped 1st gave 15kgc 2nd gave 24kgc + Red Dragon Helm of Life and Mana. Some screenshots. http://i262.photobucket.com/albums/ii85/br...screen020-1.png http://i262.photobucket.com/albums/ii85/br...elscreen022.png http://i262.photobucket.com/albums/ii85/br...elscreen025.png And just to say a big thanks to all the guys its was great team work and great heart pounding fun (im sure i have forgotten some thing if so very sorry but its 5am and very tired)
  23. Instance 60 to 80 testing

    Cruella iirc the 3 instances have diffrent times for going back in 60-80 is 180 hours 80-100 is 160 hours 100+ is 150 hours But im sure if im wrong some one will correct me Edit typos
  24. revenge killer serping in Melinis

    I can verive this as i was also at the cave training i was there a good hour b4 and ravi was there b4 me see screen shot below also if chat logs r needed i can show them. http://i262.photobucket.com/albums/ii85/br...elscreen012.png http://i262.photobucket.com/albums/ii85/br...screen014-1.png
  25. Instance 60 to 80 testing

    I agree with Sleepyjo, Radu the instance is fantistic. So plz keep it in. Also i found that altho we only had 5 ppl and got to wave 4, you realy need to go in with the max number of ppl. Team work is a must and all the guys done a great job working together. So a big ty to all of them. Working on each wave, you realy need to try and take then out one by one if at all pos, altho like sleepyjo said as soon as we killed last mob in 1st wave we got surounded stright away by 2nd wave, So its realy important to try and stick together, this way u stand a better chance of survivining the mobs as they spawn in. and like we did dis from them and run to regroup. HES & SRS well if u can get more srs in by taking in yr stuff by mule the extra 10% u get for mule could be taken up by srs but im not too sure if the drops we got is what u always get as we seemed to get lots of hes but hardly any srs. We all got our stuff in by mule and put it into a hyder bag so we could restock as needed this worked very well. here is the 3rd wave http://i262.photobucket.com/albums/ii85/br...screen009-1.png So a big ty to all who came into the instance was fun and will be gl to go in again with you all.