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  1. Boycott Learner

    But like Learner has said you DONT have to buy from him But yes I think Learner has done us all a fav now we know where all the rosto are (well the ones that where high piced). and now the bots that sell for a reasonable prise can make a living Edit: So as to Boycott Learner?,,Answer NO ...I have never know Learner to raise prises for no reason so I have no reason to belive any thing excpet that his makeing a point. There might be some underlieing politics but i dont think this has a bering atm (sorry spelling.. am english but dont mean we can spell). Edit silly quote mistake
  2. Boycott Learner

    The only thing i can see is learner is trying to make some point... and the point i think is that too many ppl complain NO MATTER what the bloody price is. And no matter what the item is. If you all just stop being bloody gready and just sold things at a reasonable price EL would have a better ecomany (sorry for spelling). Many of you know I buy rostros from shop but I have never sold for stupid prices also I dont sell them to bot so that they can be sold on for more gcs. Just stop being greedy make a prifit but dont go over the top. this is my own personal opion if learner has some other reason for doing this then im wrong in what i say about him but im NOT wrong in what i say about the greed of MOST of the bot owners
  3. New summoning commands

    i like these ideas hope they r not to hard to implement
  4. Raffle drawing

    Tyvm Radu Was a pleasure helping to build castle
  5. New quest contest

    Thanks Radu great Quest . I did not think there would be any reason to put my armour back on but this quest was just such fun. Not done it all so far got to mob 29 but now I have to train to get further so now the armours comeing out of sto for a good dusting off
  6. Prices for bulk buying

    Since my return back to EL I have noticed that prices have some how been turned upside down. 1. If you buy some thing in a min amount you get it at noraml price, IE: lets say for example Energy Ess these noramly go for around 8 gcs each. 2. You buy in bulk suddenly the prices are 10gcs each because your buying in bulk. (This has nothing to do with a tade I did recently as I have noticed this well b4 + I payed because i needed ) What I would like to know is why are players selling bulk for more.. in the Real world you would pay less for bulk. If i went to a werehouse I would expect to pay less for the item as you noramly buy it in bluk. so my questions are. 1. Was I dearming that there was a time in EL that we payed less for more. 2. If number 1 is no then why has it changed? Plz any mixers could you put some light on to this. I do understand that the price i payed was maybe over the top as I said I was in need so payed but still even if its just an extra 1gcs more for buying in bulk this seems to be the wrong way round. This is not a rant just a question as to why prices has gone this way. As im just curoius as to the reasons behind this. Flame away I have broad shoulders
  7. Prices for bulk buying

    Yes I agree with you both, Im am also guilty of bulk buying and paying the BIN price. This is mainly becuse I was not sure when the next lot of bluk come along I would beable to bid for it. As for demanding a discount this is imho what is needed but weather the ppl with lots of gcs will do this is another matter
  8. Prices for bulk buying

    I can see this being more of a factor then Time preferences Reason for this is if yr harvest lv r of a high lv and a high emu then it surely would b easer for you to get the bulk amounts (im useing harvesting as an example as this is where it is more prominent). So yr time is no more a preferance as you will gather more quickly then if you was a noob with low harvest and low emu who would take longer to gather the items. I could be wrong and not seeing the whole picture.
  9. Mini showdown!?!

    I have found that with lower exp harvestables yes the brakes seem more. But when you have to harvest 200k sunnys then to me the risk is worth it as we can see from above the amount of time you would stop with out the med. i bought 5 meds 2 days b4 the change.The 1st lasted till yesterday then within 3 hours of logging on I broke 4 Even with the new brake rate I still think its better then b4 and I will continue to use them when harvesting high amounts of any thing. But for just getting in the Harvest Hour i will take it off when that finishes.
  10. Traceroutes

    As of time of post Tracing route to game.eternal-lands.com [] over a maximum of 30 hops: 1 24 ms 219 ms 79 ms O2WirelessBox.lan [] 2 * * * Request timed out. 3 * * * Request timed out. 4 * * * Request timed out. 5 15 ms 16 ms 16 ms Linx1-10g.thn.lon.as8218.eu [] 6 67 ms 24 ms 23 ms xe0-0-0.tcr1.rb.par.as8218.eu [] 7 24 ms 24 ms 24 ms ge1-0-23.esr1.rb.par.as8218.eu [] 8 24 ms 23 ms 24 ms [213.15 2.3.5] Trace complete.
  11. Prices for bulk buying

    Yr correct I did not take this in to account I guess that more the need the more prices will raise this also is Rl. may be since a lot of mixers have left the game it will take a long time for prices to settle down again. yes can understand, since i came back i have noticed that buying resorces is harder to get Thanks for the reply a great help
  12. New Faction: Bandits

    St_Arcane I understnad what yr saying and the idea is sound maybe a bit of work needed. I would surport this idea if we did not have the pk server, but to try and make the main to some degree more pk player based then why not try the pk server instead ( and yes this is promoteing the pk server ). Your saying the pk server is doomed to fail well it will be if ideas like this get implemented ( it is a good idea but only if we did not have the pk server ) then the pk server dont stand a chance.
  13. New Faction: Bandits

    I'm not sure if this would work on the main server. As hussam said there is the pk server for this. Things to remember is that this would afect a lot of the harvertsers thats love to play on c2, and if this was brought into the game c2 would suddenly clear (only my opinon). Personaly i would say if you want to beable to pk on most maps and not just in arenas or TD and KF then pay radu some rl$ and go play the pk server. I think you enjoy it and have fun.
  14. Auction: 100k Silver Ore

    BIN 300k
  15. Auction: 100k Silver Ore

  16. Auction: 100k Silver Ore

  17. Mini showdown!?!

    today on sunflowers with an emu of 360 [11:49:53] You found 14 coins. [11:50:15] You found 10 coins. [11:50:37] You hurt yourself, and lost 2 HPs. [11:50:57] You found 14 coins. [11:51:28] You gained 36 extra harvesting exp. [11:51:40] You found 20 coins. [11:52:14] You found 14 coins. [11:52:23] You found 12 coins. [11:52:25] You gained 52 extra harvesting exp. [11:52:27] Too heavy, you are overloaded. [11:52:27] You stopped harvesting.
  18. Auction: 100k Silver Ore

  19. Removal Stones - where did you find one?

    Found a Magic Removal stone --MM silver
  20. PvE/PvP weapons and armors multiplier

    An idea might be to instead of reducting the armour or wep is to maybe reduce the wep them self on a hit per hit basis. IE the more you use the wep the less damge it might do.... Example... yr great sword has had 10 hits (this is an example) on ti armour will reduce the damage done because of damage the sword has taken in hitting the armour it could reduse the damage the sword does buy -1% if it was dragon armour maybe the damage will reduce by -3%. You could also make the damage done to the wep on a % basis ie 10% change yr wep was damaged. (You could put this on armour too but not sure how welcome that would be) You could also implement a restore system where as u have to make a new alc ess to repair the damage wep (IE maybe fire ess and and new type of ess ) to fix it.
  21. Going away contest.

    Ok all i have decided my time in EL is over and im leaving, but b4 i go i have place 5 hyperbags for u too find im sure u like the prizes. All the bags together contain (i will not list each bag) 100+kgcs. 1 iron axe. 2 frying pans. 2 ti longs. 1 halberd. 1 ti serp. 1 ti shield. 1 bronze plate mail. 1 bronze cuisses. 1 crown of life. 94 dis rings. 42 tele rings (dif kinds). 6 rings of power. 80 Rostogol stone. 1 enrichment stone 1 serpent stone. 7 Books. So to the clue. We have all been here more times then we can count. one path in is easy the second not so, but the hardest part for some of us was to leave as we knew what lay in wait for us. The 4 final steps the last one the hardest. Do you remember your pounding heart as you decied to leave, knowing what could be out there. you try to read the word hopeing it is some kind of protection spell from that which waits outside after that last final step. As you step outside are you greeted with open arms or is Death awaiting you. There are 5 bags placed in this location i hope you all have fun trying to find them, better still have fun trying to get it all back to sto.
  22. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    Hi ordering 10k diamonds and 10k silver ore ... total = 58kgcs In game name bromber
  23. Sale of cool items.

    1 mirror cape for 10k gcs
  24. I have to agree socity today is not what it was the big diffrence is that teens now a days know how to use the system and get from it mostly this is past down from the adults around then (normaly from greed), i know this as i see it evey day where i live, teens having kids just so they dont have to work and to get housing (btw im in the uk and its so easy to get housing if u have kids), it use to be teens aged 16 (or around that) now its getting younger and the parents are not stopping it, some in the area that i know of openly let there kids do it just so they will get housed. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11...3-baby-age.html What going to happen next kids teaching kids how to grow up..... this can only go wrong
  25. Auction: Thermal Serpent Sword

    no what we want to hear is yr sorry and going to give it back... unlikely but miracles can happen