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  1. Hello

    please unban me i got a static ip
  2. I Did It

    so i got a static ip can i be unbanned please
  3. Help Again

    help i was banned again
  4. Please Unban Me?

    entropy can i be unbanned
  5. Please Unban Me?

    well can i be unbanned so i can play today
  6. Please Unban Me?

    ok once again it says my ip is banned i know i have a static ip so can i be unbanned again plz thanks
  7. Please Unban Me?

    i do so can u put it on the whitelist so i can play the game please
  8. I Was Banned Unfairly

    i have dsl i just want to be unbanned
  9. Please Unban Me?

    no one should use my password soo? i would just like to be unbanned
  10. I Was Banned Unfairly

    my ip is banned but i cant recall ne thing i did bad i just got in from going out of town soooo?
  11. Please Unban Me?

    please unban me i dont now y i was banned
  12. I Was Banned Unfairly

    the same thing happened to me but i dont know how to post so plz unban me also