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  1. This is a pretty drastic change to simply make characters not sit to close together. The terrain design is pretty much independent from the tile system. Ground textures and objects can be placed anywhere within a tile and can overlap tiles too. In the maps only the heightmap including the walkable information relies on tiles.
  2. Improving mouse UX

    sit-lock prevents the accidental attacks.
  3. Eternal lands CRASHING

    Try one of Sir Odies development builds. There's been a sound bug that has been fixed in the development version but there has not been a new official release http://www.gm.fh-koeln.de/~linke/EL-Services.html
  4. Removal/modification of rule 5

    I wanted to vote "No" but piper made me think again. On the one hand I'd like to do more with my GF and maybe help out my alt. But on the other hand there are a few limitations like the anti-perk that can be worked around with alts. On the spot mixing can also be easier with alts which reduces the need for mixing parties and reduces the team work aspect. Using an alt to make something easier in a game always feels like cheating to me, even if its allowed in the rules.
  5. Log in rewards

    Why? You describe how it could be done but no word on why it should be done.
  6. General issues and errors.

    There's been an sound error that has been fixed in the development builds (https://github.com/raduprv/Eternal-Lands/commit/c413d8337383dbb6af04bbb4af957b03654206d1) You can try Sir Odies developments builds, they should contain the fixes: http://www.gm.fh-koeln.de/~linke/EL-Services.html
  7. android client?

    Big BOSS approval does make the app appear out of nowhere. Someone still has to port the engine as Xaphier said AND a new UI is required that supports touch input.
  8. cpu load yesterday vs today

    The update code does not check properly for network errors in SDLNet_TCP_Send and gets into an endless loop Patch: https://github.com/ago1024/Eternal-Lands/commit/85a2a2fdf5267d9b8ed452601c9839494d7f2d50
  9. I can only speak for myself. Even though I enjoy our guild and 206 I'm here to play the game not to chat. And playing the game to me means raising my skills to new heights, not going backwards. After a reset I won't stay "because of the community". Just like the community could not keep many of the bored players from leaving. It's a nice thing that adds to the game but it's not main selling point.
  10. People getting bored and leaving is quite normal. But I have in fact also seen people return after a one or two year hiatus. Also I don't understand how you can get people who are tired of grinding, reenergized by setting them back to the start of the grind. It may do some good to players who compare themselves to the other top players. But after a couple of weeks the regular player will be behind again and has to compete with the power players for ranks and his old levels.
  11. EL is grinding. That takes time but can keep players occupied for years. If YOU get bored with it take a break or look for another game. But don't ask for a change that gives plenty of players a shaft that are fine with the grinding and the long term occupion. It's like going to a club that does not play your music. *YOU* change location. Don't expect the club to change its program because of you.
  12. More Iron

    The only thing that has been removed at this location was some coal about 2 years ago.
  13. I haven't lost one since January. But I only wear them if I have deep red harvest astro. As soon as I start to get events I take it off. But in January I lost two in the process of making the essences to create three harvester meds. That was the time when I decided to only use them with favorable astro.
  14. Memory footprint increased

    Win-XP's task manager doesn't have those. It has: Memory Usage = Memory - Working Set : current amount of RAM used Peak Memory Usage = Memory - Peak Working Set : highest amount of RAM used Page Faults = roughly : number of pages (4k blocks) that had to be read from swap file Virtual Memory Size = Memory - Commit Size : total amount of memory allocated including swaped out memory
  15. Queues in elconfig.c

    The fsaa feature dynamicly adds the supported anti aliasing modes. The list of video modes is added dynamicly to the queue. It's possible to have the array declared with the proper size to allow all predefined video mode and FSAA options. But to be honest, using a generic list or queue sounds much better than using an array with a fixed size that depends on the size of two other arrays somewhere else. Sure. The FSAA indices may have different meanings if a different set of FSAA modes is supported like after a driver update. But this is not related to using a queue or a fixed lenth array.