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  1. 0ctane's Leukemia Lottery v2.0

    Hello if you can add my name to the ticket holders list that about be great thanks
  2. Old school DPA contest

    This should be a fun event. Lets make it happen, bring back Arena fighting
  3. Old school DPA contest

    Sign me up!
  4. Stoage Sell

    Not a problem IGing your guild now
  5. DPA King of the Ring Tournament

    So that answers my question thanks LOL
  6. Stoage Sell

    Sure not a problem I will be on later this evening thanks
  7. Stoage Sell

    Thank you bugabear also Prices have changed again pls PM if you want anything trying to sell all by this week thanks
  8. Stoage Sell

    Deal PM me in game
  9. Stoage Sell

    Ok everyone updated item and price list PM me in game if you want anything thanks
  10. Stoage Sell

    . Thanks Darkness.. Well to be honest it's that time for me to move on this game takes way to much of my time:)
  11. DPA King of the Ring Tournament

    Ok Hardcore I'm up to fight you at DPA as long as you can attack? How about this coming Saturday? just you and me best 2/3?????????? But you already know you will lose if you can even attack:) Oh and to make it fun lets put 20kgc on it:) Please reply with a yes or no you have 1 week to get ready
  12. Stoage Sell

    In game purchase of NMT
  13. Stoage Sell

    In game purchase of S2E of Thermal and S2E of Ice
  14. Stoage Sell

    Thank you everyone for making this game so fun:) Enjoy my storage sell, Pls PM me in game or leave me a message if you want to buy anything I will check this fourm and my Personal Messages everyday. Thanks again everyone.... To all the fighters I salut you:) I remain Unforgivin DPA King..... ALL SOLD Good luck everyone in RL
  15. DPA King of the Ring Tournament

    Thank you Dilly for your hard work on this event. Also thanks to OZ and Max for helping with this event. And also for the LION guild for helping with these prizes. Was a great turn out and thanks again for all the fighters and watchers that came to the DPA event. I remain Unforgivin DPA King of the Ring