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  1. Exclusion Zones

    thank you aislinn and yes i did search Thank you for considering my idea
  2. Exclusion Zones

    The idea with the announcements & storage being able to be affected is so that people will pay more attention to the game or be carefull of where they go AFK. Next thing you'll want ti to make sure that fast healing & fast reading areas are excluded, followed by all the best harvest areas? OH, and we better make the paths to/from the harvest & storage be excluded as well! I am sorry you tought it was funny to redicule my idea. i tought that admins had better sence. I was actually suggestion an alternative to getting killed while doing alchemy, crafting , manufacturing, engineering and now tailoring. Not everyone wants to go fighting or hide in houses so that we can not do anything. ok we have dp storage and nc storage but it would be better if we could stay where we were rather than beaming to ip and moving to dp or nc. I did not ask for anything to do with the fast healing or reading areas or harvest areas. I am sorry you do not like suggestions but thats what it seemed. Dragon_23
  3. Exclusion Zones

    Ok guys the laughs on me i will not make any more suggestions Please close and lock this thread
  4. Exclusion Zones

    I was being serious. So you are doing away with the other skills then and keeping just the fighting ones?
  5. ELG Harvesters

    Please note we are only completing the current orders Dragon_23
  6. ELG Harvesters

    Hi all. We are not accepting any more orders at the moment. The current orders will be filled. After that we are going to start a different business so watch this space. Dragon_23
  7. ELG Harvesters

    unconfirmed order means i have not yet confirmed the order. I only confirm orders when we can get harvesters onto them. I am sorry if this is not what you want but we have alot of orders and i am trying to make sure people get them as fast as we can. I only added you to my friends list so i know who are customers are. (you do not have to confirm the add) I will stop adding people to my friends list. Dragon_23
  8. ELG Harvesters

    Well thanks everyone for your orders and we hope to serve you again soon. Dragon_23
  9. ELG Harvesters

    thanks again for your orders and hope we can serve you again Dragon_23
  10. ELG Harvesters

    Hi all Have returned the iron ore price to 3gc each. please remember max order is 10k Dragon_23
  11. ELG Harvesters

    Thank you for your orders and hope to serve you again. Dragon_23
  12. ELG Harvesters

    I would like to thank you all for your orders and welcome more Dragon_23
  13. ELG Harvesters

    Thank you all for your orders. We are now accepting new orders but please note that all new orders for Iron ore will be at 3.5 each and the max orders are 10k. Hope to hear from you all Dragon_23
  14. ELG Harvesters

    Thanks all for your custom We are working through the current orders but still welcome new orders. Plz remember we do not accept over the max orders and until the current orders are filled no iron orders. Dragon
  15. ELG Harvesters

    Thank you deadhead for your order
  16. ELG Harvesters

    Thanks you guys for your orders. Dragon_23 P.S. We will take over max orders. but will deliver in max order quantity.
  17. ELG Harvesters

    History moved to http://elguardians.proboards58.com/index.c...d=72&page=1
  18. New web server speed

    much better
  19. Latest client patch, everyone please test, urgent.

    Seems ok and less lag. Dragon
  20. New client patch!

    Downloaded seems fine will let you know of any problems Dragon