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  1. lol? so maybe it should be you who decide ? Mods - cuz they also play, lvl various skills, and have a good knowledge of game, and also they are trustable ( i hope ). well .... maybe make a democratical elections? vote for a candidates, who will be tho ones to decide and discuss on new things.
  2. so you think that 20 ppl can make a decision for rest 1k ppl ? well maybe, but then how will you choose them ? mods? maybe... then it seems it should be ok
  3. ELG Guild Shop

    i am popular here ty Dragon for a great and fast service keep going
  4. Depletable Resources Poll

    WOW what a big choice for vote i will vote `no omfg ..... etc etc..`` tho i would vote for other options... lets say `yes if the limit or cap of harvestables is on IP` or some other `better`options. and also tbh it should be -- just yes\no\idc. if you like it. not NO omfg it will ruin game, or YES game sux w\o it just example. Ent its just my oppinion. if you feel that is wtrong ... well i see what u did to Cyber and Gd2d
  5. Depletable resources and multiplaying

    lol Zami that evil Leather helms are evil and well in this case, i am not doing manu only... actually im a noob manuer im Alchin most of my time. but that takes loads of ings and loads of things to harv too im not saying that other skills do not require ings or harvin its just too much harving included in most of the skills...
  6. Depletable resources and multiplaying

    Zamirah some1 already wrote something like `why harv something that i dont need` and also would u imagine you self harvesting some BSF or some unpopular flowers which sells only 0.25 ea, and then try to buy iron ores with the gc if you needed iron in a first place..... yeah i know im not good at explanations , srry and other thing.. if i couldnt harv what i need i would just go serp some mobs and get gc that way, and then buy ores or w\e is needed i think it would be way more eficient than harv some flowers..
  7. Depletable resources and multiplaying

    i totally agree on this part, i was waiting till some1 will point it out Or implement and evaluate after 2 weeks or a month? We've all seen that judging without experiencing properly leads to premature reactions. This is such a massive change for both the game as for the players, that it might be worth a testphase? Unfortunately, that requires a lot of work (the implementation), and I don't want to work like an idiot then the players to say: omfg, I am quitting. What Dilly sais is very true and it is the best way to see if we like it or we don`t. and then say if this `ruins game` or it helps. but ... i really understand Entropy, no1 want to do a job which is useless, or will not be needed. And 1 more thing. Ent you should understand that voting isnt 100% sure thing. because not all of those who votes understands what does it mean: 1.to have an alt which harvs all the time, (not speaking about 2-3 or more which now is imposible or useless anyway). 2. to sit at some cave for days harvesting and mixing in same place. or harvesting for a week muling all to sto, to have 1 full day of mixing to be able to LVL or make some GC.
  8. Small Storage Sale

    Steel Greave 23k Crown Of Life 60k S2E 900gc or all 84k
  9. Alchemic Supplies

    lets do that one more time ty since im not at home atm yes, steel bars are ok w\o FEs. ty.
  10. ELG Guild Shop

    i can see there is not much left to make for me so i order 3k FEs again (10.5k gc) if you dont mind ofc
  11. ELG Guild Shop

    i would like max FEs
  12. The Harvesting and Alchemy Store!

    can we order again ?
  13. pvp afk

    well i believe that it is possible to track if both PVPers are trying to flee or only 1 of them. so now i understand what Radu means... at least i think so the one who does not flee during some period of time counts as offline or AFK or w\e nad would not get tex EXP
  14. small storage sale

    23k for greaves
  15. pvp afk

    and interesting how it would work, if lets say 1 of PVPers goes for a smoke or for dinner no exp ? Edit: Well Dilly is right but i dont think ppl PVP this way
  16. pvp afk

    450-500k per hour ????? what were u PVPin ? i want same exp lol
  17. pvp afk

    Flee bug is more annoying than mini events so can we pvp now ?
  18. Animal Removal Stone

    i will rise price to 260k then lol
  19. some stuff

    i would take all for more pm me in game
  20. Animal Removal Stone

    where did you see 250k in this topic, spammers ?
  21. Manufacture Shop

    LOLOL Silvatica .... lookup in forums there was an auction for s2es starting at 925, and no1 bided on them. forget the days you could get 1k for s2es.maybe there is a bot who pays that.... why you care if the guy just makes things and sell them with no profit or with small one ? EDIT: also look how popular the CHEAP S2Es are 2 orders till now.... so i dont think the price is under market price or something. and another thing, i wonder many runs from sto to gen sto you will make while sellin those fox scarves enjoy profit