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  1. items for sale, and buying some items

    2 will removal stones 1 instinct removal stone 1 bindin stone 110k for all?
  2. Bug with Evanescence perk

    TINF does not help on single monster or PVP
  3. Storage Sale

    sleep well COL - 62k 3 Rostos - 63k and also SRS - 13ea?
  4. Bug with Evanescence perk

    weird indeed. But Radu said it was tested, and everything is ok with this perk. so idk, ppl using or used perk seem to agree that something might not be 100% right, but... idk idk
  5. Bug with Evanescence perk

    i actually had same feeling when i took Evanescence perk. it seems that with this perk, mobs hits more crits on you, than w/o this perk. and it should be opposite, i believe. i'd like more ppl to say if they had same problem.
  6. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    5x10k iron ores plox
  7. Grand Sale, all sorts of items!

    Medallion of Life -15k
  8. Human Removal Stone

  9. Human Removal Stone

  10. Yeti spawns

    remone nexus removals better pp hydro is not only used for pk reasons for some all arounders is really helpfull OK, so you are telling that i should #reset my 147 OA if i dont like my nexuses anymore? for real?
  11. Yeti spawns

    remove PP buying? lolz
  12. Yeti spawns

    interesting maybe put a new topic on suggestions ?
  13. Yeti spawns

    so you are saying to make another "BIG crash"? whipe all chars with all their lvls and sto ofc?
  14. Yeti spawns

    I will quote you insted how can you offer to cap a/d at 120 if there is at least 50 ppl over that lvl already ? Anyway. i agree that we need a better trainable mosters after feros... well maybe FCW can be called trainable..... but after that .. all monsters are serpable, but not trainable. but i totally dissagree to make some spec spawns for GC harving, thats not right and if we'd have few normal trainable monsters w/o those insane criticals , ppl would PVP less (i know Ent dont like PVP ) that is going to other topic maybe? so i stop here.
  15. Human Removal Stone

    so my guess is the auction is over? it was posted that auction will run for 1-2 days.. and its like 4 days passed.... so ? where is my stone ?
  16. Human Removal Stone

  17. Yeti spawns

    Korrode, if you dont like the way PK is why you PK then? there is still alot of ppl who goes to PK, kills, dies, but is not complaining. i think some1 in other post said. ' no one is forcing you to use stuff' nor to PK..
  18. Human Removal Stone

  19. sulfur on isla prima

    Show me a noob which can make steel bars Edit: i agree with the idea. it would fill the demand of FEs and etc... cheaper FEs = happyness for 80% of EL but how to prevent alts going to IP and harving sulf for sale ?
  20. Human Removal Stone

  21. Yeti spawns

    have u noticed that the drops was lowered at some point?? and now Ent has rised drops on few monsters. and it wasnt me whining about it... so tell to those who did. Trainers having better gameplay .. i would love to have alot of 2x or 3x spawns, but this game ist about easy LVLing or GC making. if you noticed alot of skills are basically GC sink, so why you think a/d should be only skill which gives u exp and gc ?... anyway.... i give a shit.. ppl plays with all these things, and can enjoy it. if you prefer to sit at spawn and wait for your turn, its your choise. i prefer doing something else if i cant get a spawn. and like i said, i can not understand why you prefer sitting and waiting for your turn in 2x spawn, if in same cave there is 2 more yeti ??? wth ? blah blah.. you dont want to understand what im trying to say, so. i just stop here.
  22. Yeti spawns

    same as cockas, dragons, giants ..... so why ppl are not asking to put better spawns or 2x of these ? Edit: only cuz of drops no?
  23. Yeti spawns

    but how you call it training if you only serp them with JS, OS or w/e ? i think training in general is like going for exp, and Yetis are for GC, well at least it was... so in my eyes its not really training... ofc to train yeti barehanded needs serious a/d and attributes... but ...
  24. Yeti spawns

    well maybe if you pay the price, removing 2x yeti spawn for reducing respawn time.... it might work
  25. Yeti spawns

    or u can lick me arse instead. Edit: so you mean u gonna serp me if you see me on 2x yeti spawn ? go ahead