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  1. PK arenas change

    Well, you are the only person that ever complained about 'how far' they are. i personally dont see his suggestion as a complaint. Arena would just be like advertising it self, so it would attract more ppl. lets make another pool, and see if he is the one who would like this idea and agree on it.
  2. NMT idea

    Attila so you say you dont PK and you want Brod to be even cheaper? so it wouldnt be PK maps anymore, it would only be Brod maps. ofc remove red capes, and it will be sooo good for economy !!!! back to the topic. i was thinking alot about NMT being breakable, and you know, if it becomes breakable (again?) i couldnt not train on MC, Yeti, well and OL.. cuz they simply hit too much, and this doesnt really come with A/D lvl. MC, Yeti just has too much crit hits in them. so if NMT would last a week training on them .. lol nevah!!! ofc. this depends alot on break rate, i actually dont imagine that 1/40k rate. if its % then it can break in 1st hit, as someone here already mentioned. But i would offer to do something like untill 40k hits the break rate is x, after 40k hits rate would go 2x, and ar 60k 3x etc... ( if that is possible), but then ofc would come a sutuation, where ppl would sell those well worn capes, and keep fresh, or buy fresh. there should be like a note or so, "this cape served for 40k hits" or something. Basically i agree with the breakable NMT idea. About removing Brod, i dont think Radu would do it, i think the only thing he would agree on is, remove Brod, and increase break rate on all armors. think about this be4 you proudly say that removing Brod would help economy
  3. 6k Steel Bars Auction

    no problem i have time to increase it by 1k 311k
  4. 6k Steel Bars Auction

  5. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    Kornholio - 10k coal - 22k gc
  6. lol, i am amazed that some1 didnt offer them to gtfo but, but, Conavar, maybe it is time for some of us, fighters to ask their secret how to make millions of GC? and after saying that, those millionaires whine about, how they need GC to PK, and that there should be more double Yeti spawns omfg, epic sorry for offtopic.
  7. Heh, Dugur pointed the fact, which most of those NO NO NO This sux ppl missed, or didnt want to see. whats being offered by Korrode, doesnt mean that attribs would be equal to 0 in fighting system. imgagine your self having 44/44 p/c instead of 48/48, would it make such a huge difference at your training atm? wouldnt you be able to train same mob as you are now? i would say you would even get better exp. And ofc, ppl will always complayn as some changes makes them weaker, especially those who has bought loads of PPs to make a big diff in fighting, training etc. But see this, i know a person who trained ( if i can call it training) Fluffs with 60-70s a/d, i think there is no need to mention that he had too much p/c.. you think its good? fair? logical? what i think is , with some adjustments ppl would train on monsters which they should train, and etc etc etc .... Ofc it depends on how much it can be adjusted to have this system work better, not worse. and i still agree with this idea, and those NO NO NO.. dont be so selfish ok, not all of you, but some should.. Edit: oh and pls explain me, why you could not have advantages of your strategy, buildup, if there was this change?
  8. well i think nearly everyone who has bigger A\D would say YES. so do i. i think i know why this is coming up to forums again it has been discussed a little in other topics, and it seems really fair that A\D would matter more, than it does now. but i am afraid tho, that what we think is good, Radu might see as not nessecary thing or whining and i will not say a word about PP buying thing. lets keep topic for A\D
  9. Third Annual - ryddler's Diabetes Raffle

    I didnt won anything congratz to all winers. to Ryd: hope you reached the goal
  10. Storage Sale

    ill give 18k for bronze sword , 23k for steel greave u can also sell those to Lice.
  11. Selling Storage

    steel cuiss 24k steel greave 23k you can sell them to Lice anytime, if u like the price
  12. Do you have eough slots in your Inventory?

    It was like that in Dungeon Siege. Not a bad idea. It would make hydro mining a lot faster, that's for sure. I would like to see you go to Hydro being a donkey um, ok mule. i wonder how would you pass lava being naked and low hp... oh and also u know some ppl PK there but ok somehow it would be possible... well it is possible now to carry ings to hydro as a mule... but somehow i didnt see a single person doing that... maybe cuz of few reasons i pointed well Lorck some ppl does that, but not many ... its just the way ppl likes to do it, some mix there, some mix in sto peacefully, and carry only s2es ah and ... for PK , well if we had more slots we would defenatelly use them, espec for acc, eva pots and other stoofs but i would love it for hydro btw i wont wote, cuz nothing will change anyway. my oppinion, maybe im wrong
  13. Server Crash?

    im ON
  14. Server Crash?

    lol this time it crashed while i was waiting for yeti ... so im cool this time. sorry for ur rosto
  15. Server Crash?

    still off here too Edit: ON OMG im alive :DDDDDD no brick to Radu
  16. Server Crash?

    yay no -25min of exp for meh a 100k exp is not worth a rosto exactly edit: well, unless i got uber lucky on that yeti plzplzplz now im thinking that i should have gone harvesting or mixing
  17. Server Crash?

    yay no -25min of exp for meh a 100k exp is not worth a rosto
  18. Server Crash?

    so sad. i wanna compencation then
  19. Server Crash?

    Well you wont have, we'll all just go back to whenever we last #save'd (or did any action that prompts a save, such as completing a trade) then im glad i logged like 15 mins be4 this
  20. Server Crash?

    so now this is new way to poof rostogols im 99% sure i did, on this crash
  21. Evanescence Perk and Def XP

    And this sounds like u don't PK, haven't in ages, wont be any time soon, and just helps to prove my points... so gtfo. gtfo? lol you so mean "dont tell me what to do, i wont tell you where to go"
  22. Evanescence Perk and Def XP

    srry but sounds like whining
  23. Evanescence Perk and Def XP

    ...yeah mhm, that makes tonnes of sense. yeah... i can answer same as you do in most cases -> just LOL.. since you will never acknowledge that you are whinin, even bitchin yourself. I have acclimatised, i buy gc and PK in IDA with bronze swords lol. That's PK in EL now. The fact you seem to be against changing that, is, well, quite harsh towards those without heaps of money and/or time. you see, i dont have much time for EL anymore, nor willing to spend $. so i just simply dont PK. i have chosen this way, if you want to PK so bad, you try to make GC for a while , or just spend $, to be able to compete in PK, now thats the way you choose, (ofc because there is no other way it seems). but you know what it comes to? you can still PK in tit armors, and normal weapons.. you will be in PK, trying to PK, but you will not be killing any1 in a range of your lvls. what i am trying to say, is that you still have a choise. i know you wanna kill everybody in PK, same as all PKers, and when it does not work, you just whine, or acclimatise
  24. Evanescence Perk and Def XP

    well idk, but ppl are mostly using those in instances, and i believe some are using em to serp some mobs for GC, not sure about this tho. but for PK it is not worth that much, maybe half of it
  25. Evanescence Perk and Def XP

    its not bitchin kk? if my respond to your opinion is bitchin, then ur all posts is whining and my last words is just obvious fact, it would be at least stupid not to agree on this. and anyway, you always have a choise, what to use for PK, not to PK. if you want to PK so bad, why try to change whole system? most PKers can acclimatize, but it seems you cant. Peace