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    beyond teh infinite
  1. Selling NMT Cloak

    Hi, As title suggests, i'm selling a No More Tears Cloak. I am only accepting gc's as payment. I'm setting a price of 330k->300k!. PM me on FORUMS (i'm barely playing anymore - eventually gossip me, my nickname is the same ingame) to work out a deal. SOLD
  2. Auction: Thermal Serpent Sword

    3 pickaxes + 4 threads + 6 minor healing pots Oh and i add 89gc, that's it, leading offer ?
  3. Rostogols, how many do you have?

    2 atm, i usually keep up to 3 then i sell as i'm very careful when i go invasions/pk/training, i rarely loose one of them
  4. Bug with Evanescence perk

    This is starting to look like you dodge 10% more from HUMANS and get 10% more crits from MOBS...weird
  5. Bug with Evanescence perk

    Well after a test on test server, the results look satisfying, for PvP and training. Noticed some extra exp/dodges with evanescence on both PvP and training. Although the difference is hard to see if you don't compare with a previous non-eva training sessions, with the exactly same parameters (stuff/levels/attributes). But i remember ambro's topic (http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=49514) for fading messages promoting positives combat perks, and it could be handy to see if you notice the blocks with evanescence
  6. Yeti spawns

    It would still conflict with 'legit' people who just wanna remove their human PPs because they sold arti cloak etc etc Maybe make the PPs bought with hydro unremovable with stones
  7. New Positive Perk!

    Still gotta be 3/5 PPs at least, seriously is this a joke you're more likely asking a perk to train hulda w/o being bothered by mages for only 1 PP and high cost because you just care about xp... Suggest something more general, not a Rusik-perk
  8. Your play times

    2/4h for me, even if somedays i'm not even on ^^
  9. New Gossip Translation Feature in Beta

    I'll gladly help for french translation
  10. New engine test 2

    Works fine for me 9600GT (overclocked core+memory) 60 fps with all max options and max resolution
  11. Human Removal Stone - AUCTION

    Sold to private for BIN price
  12. Hi, Thanks to video contest I won a pr0 prize, which I'm auctioning right now Human Removal Stone Starting Price 300k (bot price) Increments 5k SOLD FOR BUY IT NOW PRICE 350k No below-starting-price-stupid offers please Auction ends Friday @ 17:00 GMT SOLD !
  13. EL 'trailer' movie needed (with contest)

    Any idea when it will 'end'?
  14. Uber funny game/gaming reviews

    Angry Nintendo Nerd is testing Power Glove, epic stuff
  15. EL 'trailer' movie needed (with contest)

    I like the camera moves in first person, looks smooth when there's a transition. Although, I found it not appropriated by times, because it 'zooms' too much, and we can't really have a global view of what's going on.