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  1. The hall of shame

    Thank you very much.... this was very much needed here. Greg
  2. The hall of shame

    Very well said. Greg
  3. Changes to the PK system. Yes or no?

    I think that would be great and would make this game a lot better for fighting... my other MMORPG's i play do it that way and it works great and is fun. Greg
  4. i need help and realy fast

    SiS cards will not work with EL now so time for a new video card like i need one too. lol Greg
  5. Does not work for me, Why?

    That's my next plan.... going to get my friends old card that i know will work good on EL. I have just been playing games that would work with my built in card on the mother board. Just have to wait for my friend to come by and get the card. Thanks for the help. Greg
  6. This is what comes up

    I have a S3 Graphics ProSavage DDR for my video card, will this card work or is this why i get the error screen when i log on? Greg
  7. Does not work for me, Why?

    Thanks a lot Ember, your help did work to clear the el error log, but still get the error screen on log in. Going to try and reboot the computer and turn off avg and firewall and see if that fixes it, if not will have to get a new video card from a friend and try that. Greg
  8. el freezing once logged on

    ok after playing around again with the quest log that error is gone and the EL error log is clear, but it still gets a error screen when i log in. So close..lol Greg
  9. el freezing once logged on

    I made a copy of player_slash2 and named it 1 and that error is gone Greg
  10. el freezing once logged on

    OK i did that and have the notepad log named quest.log and it is there, but still get the error, any thing i am doing wrong? thanks
  11. el freezing once logged on

    ok i got it down to this: Error: Can't open file "quest.log" can you help with this and in very easy words and step by step..lol.... thanks Greg
  12. Does not work for me, Why?

    I have the same video card as you, so if this is it i will have to get a new card.... hate to have to get a new card just for EL, too bad it could not stay the same, i had low FPS, but could play at least. Greg
  13. Paying to play

    No p2p now?... you give up on it i guess.... i quit playing now and was hoping to come back when it was p2p with more stuff...
  14. Runescape Vs. Eternal Lands!

    We just tried that game out today... kinda odd game so far... if my friend keeps it on his computer i might try it some more...