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    Swiss, with love.
  1. very old players

    Still can't post on Swiss, probably because Ent hates me... but I just came back myself. How are you doing vartican? ~Swiss
  2. Tired of oldbies?

    Nardo, yourself, Moony sitting by the fire, RealViking standing by the fire... who's the dark elf in the corner? God I miss transparent me. Love ya, Swiss
  3. Face lifts :)

    Wonders allowed.... how long has it been since I last asked? Marry Me??? Seriously though, great work as always can't wait to see it for myself. 3 or 4 more days.... Love ya all, be home soon. Swiss
  4. Special Thanks to Radu and Roja

    OOOH?! Is it that time of the year again? *breaks out party hat and heads for the Happy Times Inn*. Yes, thank you both for not running away screaming after all the blood, sweat, tears, crashes, bugs, hick-ups, annoyances, etc.... As for the people who have volunteered their services over these past three wonderful years... You are my heros, without you this game would not be the wonderful community it is today. Mrs. Roja and *that guy* can do great things, we can all atest to that... but the support that you have lent to them has allowed this game to grow exponentially. And so, I tip my hat to each and every one of you. (reserving the right not to tip my hat to the gnome, lest he try to eat it...) I love you all and I can't wait till I get back home so I can see you again and find out about all the wonderful things I've missed recently. Always, Swiss
  5. The question that has been bothering the mankind for so long now

    You should be flogged just for being flexy... but considering the post and the answer, I will lend an oppinion where one isn't requested (since there need only be one reply to this post.... one that won't come, all oppinions are unwarented are they not?). The question is when, the answer is with granny and the hunter and tutorial island... garris and faris have taken it with them deep into the Forest of the falls, hidding it away from the evil server crashes and updates.... It is indeed good to see you again. Love ya, Swiss
  6. pvp-ing

    I seem to recall there was a few good battles on RoT back in the day... I mean, we had that one with the thing... you were there.... you remember. And there was that time when Roja kicked the shit out of Ent, my personal favorite. I still prefer it to any other PK map, something about the solitude. Much like back when, people still come in and see a person wandering around in there, they just know they're about to die a horrible death. Must be exciting or something, they just keep coming back. I know I have since passed on my title as "that guy" but for my money, the ruins will always hold as THE PK MAP. ~Swiss
  7. The rollback

    Well only yours Heh we're counting the days too Can't wait! Yes well, your hubby deleted it completely... I tried it tonight for nastalgies sake (what with all this talk of rollbacking and resetting and rock throwing....) apparently I never existed, pass my regards, well met old chap... well met indeed *hides* Love ya
  8. The rollback

    So he broke it again and I wasn't around to throw things this time... well, be warned sir. I will have plenty of rocks for you in the very near future, 38 days and counting. As for the roll back, nothing lost cannot be gained again. unless of course it's your forum account . Love from the Sandbox. Swiss
  9. Happy New Year 2006!

    Wooooooooooooooh!!!!!!!!!!!! yay beer!!! I mean... erm, stupid friggen dry country......... someone please toss one back for me. Anywho, happy new year everyone, hope I'll be home partying it up in the Happy Times Inn with you all again soon. ~Swiss P.S. 36 days.
  10. Hey there :)

    Erm, nothing like hijacking someone elses thread... sorry Pyz. but to answer the question, I'm ankle deep in sand. (IRAQ). and counting the days until my return. (42). Love you all. Swiss
  11. Hey there :)

    Well then..... I have seen everything sir. I am torn, on the one hand, I want to welcome you back... On the other, I want to beat you to death for leaving me all alone with Moonie and *HIM* <<shudders>> Lots of rocks have been thrown, and I've been banished to this god-forsaken sandbox, but I shall return soon. And when I do......... ~Swiss (don't ask, it all went down hill and Ent ran away, I think it was all the rocks....) By the way, Life says hi (he found his calling chasing skirts a noble calling indeed.)
  12. Still at it eh entropy?

    Message from God: Swiss has joined our world. Swiss: erm, okay... hello there person by the sticks... who are you. Entropy: God. Swiss: really? well then I guess I'll go. Entropy: bye. I don't still have the chat log, but I remember the conversation vividly... I wandered around IP for about 20 minutes and came back to sit next to him, only then did I learn that he really was teh g0d..... Silly little Ent.... *Throws rocks* Love y'all, Swiss ~E.S.
  13. Who?

    I was account number two for the longest time then Radu had to go and make Entropy #2... I still can't use Swiss for some reason, but that's neither here nor there. Love ya all and I'll be back in a few months. Hope to see each and every one of you when I get back. That especially goes for you two Radu... behave yourselves, I'll be checking in on you from time to time. (How is Barren Moon going anyway??) Peace, Love, and Chicken Grease. ~E.S. Swiss
  14. Urgent! New server in Iraq... :(

    It's gonna take 3 or 4 days to download the new update on this network... you all did this just to spite me didn't you :sniff:
  15. ...

    *piddles around and waves* welcome home ma'am Swiss