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  1. This perk will kill pk. a player will have a mage in waiting while u pk and poof pop in and kill players while pking another fighters which in turn will cause many pkers stop pking therefore buying no items to pk with so manu, alchers, and potions will have no 1 to sell there stuff to. pk is what keeps this game alive and if pk dies then so does el.





    reason for edit misspelled words

  2. i got a nice lil pm from finnerlorn today 4-21-08


    [06:11:37] [PM from Finnerlorn: u are stupid]

    [06:11:38] [PM to Finnerlorn: Automessage: I am currently away from my computer]

    [07:02:02] [PM to Finnerlorn: how am i stupid? ur the stupid1]

    [07:02:10] [PM from Finnerlorn: ?]

    [07:02:19] [PM from Finnerlorn: u put me in the outlaws]

    [07:02:37] [PM to Finnerlorn: just read ur pm to me calling me stupid]

    [07:02:49] [PM to Finnerlorn: lol u r an outlaw]

    [07:02:52] [PM from Finnerlorn: yea u put me in outlaws]

    [07:03:08] [PM from Finnerlorn: u put me there]

    [07:03:32] [PM to Finnerlorn: yep u try to scamm ppl's for there db's]

    [07:04:04] [PM from Finnerlorn: i did that as joke lol:)]

    [07:04:43] [PM to Finnerlorn: nice try to clear ur name but chatlogs do not lie]

  3. lumino, i lost nothing...i went naked but it was his intent to kill me for my db...b/c he was askin alot about what armor and weapons i would use along with askin me to wear my col. he was fully aware of what he was doing. there was no confusion about it. but i will be a goodsport about all of it. its part of the game. but i want every1 to know what finnerlorn is capable of so he can not do this to any1else.pls talk with him and let me know what the outcome is.

  4. what some ppl's r seeming to miss is that it was a pvp not pk. was suppost to be friendly pvp.


    [07:18:40] [PM from Finnerlorn: ok i dont summon anymore im sorry]

    07:19:16] Finnerlorn: tiger please die now so we cane do normal pvp


    but as soon as i go back in bam another tiger stone cast.

    [07:22:23] buttswife got cooldowned!

    [07:22:23] You failed to flee.

    [07:22:25] You failed to flee.

    [07:22:26] buttswife should have cut the blue wire

    [07:22:27] You have died and gone to the Underworld

    but he got his in the end..............its all good