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  1. unable to log in

    el clients has issue and need to close
  2. unable to log in

    I have played el a while back and got another computer since then and i downloaded el on it. when i went to log in it tries to log in but then i get an error... what is the problem and how do i fix it?
  3. Selling gellie removal

    kk now 30k
  4. Selling gellie removal

    selling gellie removal 35k
  5. make an offer

    kk seriously........selling gellie removal 30k no lower pm me in game
  6. make an offer

    selling gellie removal stone make an offer
  7. Selling Gelly Bones Removal Stone

    no longer bidding on gellie stone
  8. ICD and gelly bones removal stones auction.

    no longer bidding on gellie removal 50k for icd
  9. ICD and gelly bones removal stones auction.

    40k for gellie and 40k for icd
  10. Selling Gelly Bones Removal Stone

  11. Gellie removal stone

    wow had a very generous private offer that i can not pass up SOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Gellie removal stone

    Private bid 40k
  13. Gellie removal stone

    no i sold that stone to a friend i got this stone from guildie for a potion order...i shouldnt have to explain my self
  14. Gellie removal stone

    auction time has changed from 1 week to 3 days...auction will end 7/10..... Private bid at 30k was requested
  15. Gellie removal stone

    i have 1 gellie removal stone for sale. auction will last 1 week starting bid of 30k