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  1. What To Do With Prices

    all i want in an online game is something where i can find cool things, talk to interesting people, fight things when i want to, and if possible make or buy pretty things to wear/use as i need to. if it takes too long to do anything, and/or you keep getting failed/lose things too much, it is no longer fun - it is tedious. tedious is not mentioned either in the definition of the word, "fun" nor in the definition of the word, "game". funny, that.
  2. What To Do With Prices

    exactly what a game should be - fun. most of us have other things in our lives we do other than play el (or any other game) - the whole point of playing a game is to take a break from the hard stuff we do irl. if a game isn't fun, nobody's gonna play it.
  3. why have, "nothing" as a poll option then? why not just say what you mean - "we are going to make some changes and we don't care what you think, hahaha" <_<
  4. What To Do With Prices

    the game is getting worse.
  5. Death Changing Appearance

    girls don't do scars
  6. Has Anyone..

    doh, just do what he said.
  7. What's Your Religion

    here's a cool article btw.
  8. What's Your Religion

    yeah well, the romans were power-hungry idiots, and put too many fingers in the pie - and basically found themselves unable to control the power struggles in the furthest reaches of their holdings; some would say a parallel can be drawn with the american culture of today we might have to live through a new fall of empire yet, who knows?
  9. Scott Peterson Is Guilty.

    oh just remembered - we had a scott watson here who got a lot of media attention - never found out whether or not he was guilty though...anyone care? no? didn't think so
  10. Scott Peterson Is Guilty.

    his name means nothing to me either.
  11. Gah My Screen I Cant See !?!?!?

    yeah, if you're talking about it being dark on the game it's probably night-time. You should try going to your tools icon and click the "turn off clouds" option - this helps a heap.
  12. Arnold Schwarger For Us President

    heh why not? voting for him based on his reputation as an action hero movie star is about as valid as voting for some idiot based on his reputation as a moral figure considering he allows the effective murder of women and children in their own city.
  13. What's Your Religion

    well put Wytter. and to all those who claim to not be religious - by definition religion can include any activity a person pursues with zeal or vigour (even sport).
  14. one reason - it's called free will - so choose your path wisely grasshopper
  15. Where Are You From?

    np, like i said earlier, though it doesn't look that hot, the kiwi has high prestige with the maori here, so it's actually considered to be quite a cool bird
  16. Where Are You From?

  17. Where Are You From?

    how rude do you look anything like the birds in your country?
  18. I Cant Start The Game

    i wouldn't have a clue how to help you - but everyone's gonna ask you to post your computer specs here before they can help, so post them here and wait for someone.
  19. Where Are You From?

    what a meanie it's nearly extinct, isn't that enough for you?
  20. Back From A Couple Of Months Ago

    lol, it's turned into a multi-purpose fist button.
  21. Kerry's Concession Speech (draft)

    great post and exactly - what someone does is not your business unless it affects you. what really disturbs me is that the vote seems to have been won or lost on whether or not gay marriages should be allowed in one country, when a fucking war was on that affects the stability of the entire world. stupid people got distracted yet again by a sneaky politician.
  22. Back From A Couple Of Months Ago

    yeah the same thing happened to me too - it says my old name is in use but i've never seen anyone wandering around with it ah well, just make a new name like i had to.
  23. Cant Find Game Page

    download the game first (from one of the mirror sites) on this page here then load the game, run the .exe and click on the screen inside the little window that pops up. then create your character and you're in.
  24. Where Are You From?

    aww how cute
  25. Spelling And Grammar Errors

    surely it would be as simple as having two lists of the items (one of the plurals and one of the singular items) and some kind of if then routine?