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  1. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    swattter, 10k diamonds, 33k
  2. Auction 20k AE

  3. Sign up for "almost PRO" instances

    not for long though
  4. Sign up for "pr0" instances

    game name = Swattter timezone = central us available = most days and evenings
  5. New Wards + Stone

    Heart stone idea is cool, but then you might as well take I Can't Dance perk
  6. Hellspawn removal

    Start the magic
  7. torches

    the link aislinn posted is over 4 years old. Does this mean that we can not bring up the idea again because it was already suggested in the past, or if not what is the appropriate way to restart the topic
  8. Mini Map

    Just wondering if our marked locations can appear in the mini map
  9. IEDP Removal

    85k for IEDP - when does auction end?
  10. I'd like to participate in-game-name = swattter male
  11. Pre RC 11

    all bodies (people, npc, and creatures) are invisible outside. I can still see names, health, and shadows though. Inside seems to be fine. also when i try to attack a target with bow/arrow - i get disconnected Video card: ATI Mobility Radeon X1400 x86/SSE2 Vendor ID: ATI Technologies Inc. OpenGL Version: 2.0.5883 WinXP Release
  12. Auctioning 30k Air Essence

  13. Alchemy Shop #3

    2k AE please
  14. Alchemy Shop #3

    I would like to order 2k AE. Thanks swattter