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  1. Polymorph ideas

    Warewolf - a good amount of reaction and dexterity and at night it has increased sight and is hard to see.
  2. instinct vs. vitality

    ok thx, but which one would you say would let you use the least amount of HE's possible while training
  3. instinct vs. vitality

    Hey im interessted in what people think about instinct vs. vitality. Reaction: helps avoid being hit in combat. Vitality: reduces the amount of damage taken in a fight. So im curiouse which attribute helps you to stay on a spawn longer without useing much he's and which attribute helps you to gain more xp vs. dodging or takeing less damage. now plx spamm this thread kkthx
  4. The Greatest EL Player

    Seph & CLoud for being pr0 pkers/trainers teaching me how to train and pk and great guild leaders of KOTR before n44bs came in and screwed it up Fryslan, great friend/pker been thier for me ever since i played el
  5. Selling

    Selling 7800 Air Essence and 8k Coal post or pm me ingame
  6. Buying

    bought them
  7. Buying NMT and other stuff

    Buying NMT cloak Also buying titanium cuisses/greaves/shield. Auctioning: BoD - Starting price: 150k SOLD by private offer in-game Buy Now price. Buy Now!: 170k ----------------------------------------- Thermal Serp - Starting price: 310k Buy Now!: 350k ***Increase in 5kgc's*** I will take the above items I am buying , silver ore, fps or gc as payment. Post here or pm me in-game, thx.
  8. Auction vitality removal stone!

  9. buying cloaks

    Buying fast regineration and cape of unbreakable. Pm me if you got either and we can discuss a price. -Disturbed
  10. Total War Revival

    Great idea I would do particapite I think maybe it would be cool if the bot's would be in differant castles like say Ws city, Tg city, and Nc city
  11. BUYING: Titanium Thermal Serp Selling: Armors: 1 Titanium Chain SOLD 1 Titanium Cuisses SOLD 1 Used Titanium Greaves SOLD 1 Used Titanium Shield SOLD 1 Crown of Life Weapons: 1 Cutlass SOLD Essence: 1200 Life Essence SOLD 2000 Air Essence SOLD Potions: 1000 Feasting Potions SOLD Ores 1k Iron Ore Clothes: 1 Cape of the Unbreakable SOLD 1 Mirror Cloak SOLD 1 MM Cloak SOLD 1 BP Cloak 1 Power Saveing Cloak 1 Excavator Cloak Misc: 2 Rostogol Stones SOLD 17 Skeleton Keys 34 White Fabric Books: Book of Sun Medallion Building Book of Steel Axe Construction Book of Crafting Potion Book of Potion of Manufacturing Book of Crystal Processing I am constantly adding more iron ore, so check back frequently. Please post here or PM me in-game, thanks. -Disturbed
  12. buying thermal serp sword

    buying thermal serp pls post here if selling thanks
  13. Full Storage Sale

    Ill buy the air essence, 8gc ea?
  14. buying/selling

    *bumb* 30k iron ore now the other 2 havent pmed so its still fo sell