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  1. PK arenas change

    this idea sounds amazing, implement idea as is and any other changes can be made after seeing how it goes, i reckon these arenas will be pretty busy now, most people below 120s would rather pk here than at kf where they gt kill too easily. Thanks Radu!!
  2. NMT idea

    this with perhaps a "small" increase in drop rate and maybe adding it to more monsters, particularly cyclops. i currently have 1 cape and the perk, if the above was implememted with NMT removal i would seriously consider removing the perk and just using the cape again. in adjusting drop rate and break rate think about how much it increases training costs by, say atm with the cape each hit on a lot of the middle lvl mobs costs you about 4gc, that is hits that score dmg, of course lots dont. if the cape even went down to 200kgc and broke 1/40k and ONLY when you took damage that would still more than double the cost of training which would be a big shift within the game. with the recent efforts to allow people who train to build up some gc for pk supplies this could make things worse than before.
  3. he may struggle here... i like that we can buy nexus and th fact we can remove them but i dont like pp buying, im sure its been suggested and refused before but cant we just have it so you cant remove nexuses you've bought, so if you've bought 10 nexus's you need to keep at least 10 forever. you could still buy some advantage because you could place pickpoints you'd otherwise need for human nexus say, in attributs, but it would limit the advantage.
  4. America has the most Bad Ass Leaders

    and herein lies the problem.
  5. Guess the player name!

    masterpitter maybe? was that how you spelt it?
  6. Mini Harv Events

    This is way off topic. But... must... respond..... Hell yes it is harder! My xp/hour (and xp/hour for all ppl around my level of 112 119 AD) went down from 350K/hour to 290K/hour without TS on feros. Still feros, fluffs yesterday were even worse, 255K/hour. MCW rapes me so no option. DCW is similar xp to to Feros, just more dmg. 105 90 or 100 100 with def god is hardly difference. you seem to have forgotten the very thing i would suggest for your levels which is FCW, it has 110/100 so is good with def god and should give you a bit more xp than feros. i dont know your oa but if its high 120s you should be fine. and yes it is off topic but you're the one who brought up how its harder to level now, the recent changes were to encourage more people to train on FCW and MCW so there has to be a penalty to how you used to train to make you change.
  7. Mini Harv Events

    training after TS is not a lot harder, it is a bit more expensive but im really hoping that if radu changes the gc drops for at least dcw (especially a big change for mcw) upwards and cyclops(not a lot maybe to 50-60gc max) then then it will be no harder and more fun to train now than when we had TS. i trained on cyclops when we did have TS and i had pretty good attributes and still made a loss training them that i had to make up by making my own hes, i would even think that less rare drops (books and ti longs) and more gc would be favourable to clops trainers.
  8. 5k HE auction

  9. Mini Harv Events

    yea im not really linking it to this change, radu asked if there was ever a time i could not get the hes i wanted and the answer is yes. i guess i can buy "enough", i just like buying in big chunks and not having to worry about it for ages.
  10. selling NMT buying he/ae

    selling an NMT, pm me and we talk about price buying 20k hes for 155kgc buying 20k aes for 160kgc actually ill take as little as 1/4 of the ess orders for 1/4 of the price
  11. Mini Harv Events

    certainly there is always enough swords and armour but sometimes i struggle to get hes. i can often 2k off a bot but i never really find anyone selling like big 20k batches. id happily pay 150kgc for 20k hes but i currently can't find anyone who would do that for me. and a big load of aes is also quite hard to come by. and as for increasing gc drops from mobs i think its a great idea, a little bit of fiscal stimulus might just sort everything out, unlike in real life
  12. but people who currently buy gc for other things may buy rostos from the shop and sell them ingame, the current problem is that $4 buys you 30k from a farmer but no one will buy a rosto off you for 30k, if people bought rostos for 32k then people would buy rostos from shop and sell them on. or if it changed to $1 then people would only have to offer 8k for a rosto to make buying them from the shop better value. if rostos were $1 each from the shop i wouldn't think twice about buying them and would have no qualms about going through 20-30 a year.
  13. Adopt a newbie program

    this is a great idea. as long as the time my main actually has to be busy is only like an hour, and after that its acceptable to provide guidance through pms i would be happy to do this.
  14. Should selling gc for $ be banned

    i dont think this is entirely necessary. radu has already said he cant/wont stop the sale of gc and i personally dont think he should. and i really cant see how you could make an 'exception' for some things and not others.
  15. bring on the mages the idea is ok but like you say, lots of people wont like it.