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  1. Bulangiu

    So who did Ent name this one in honour of?
  2. Question about the economy

    You seem to persist that time does not equal money. Everything in the game can be made for free if you work from scratch, therefore there is a broken economy. This is wrong. It is more like saying: 'You go out to buy a hatchet to chop down trees to use the logs to build your house. But even then, you could even make the hatchet yourself. So all you need to buy is the metal bit...' Everyone does 'earn' money for the produced items they ultimately have. Hardly no one goes out to create armours from pure scratch. If they did, you can consider them to be naturalists in a real life situation.
  3. Kill the post above

    No wonder...
  4. Heavy Gold Perk

    I like the idea, if it allows storage trades then it should be reduced to ~8pp and if not then increased to ~12pp. Another excuse for noobs to break rule #5 though... and we already know how spammed the ban forum is with those offenses
  5. 100,000 silver ores

  6. Pk Server strategy

    Even though it's just theoretical at this point (unless Entropy enters and intervenes with the whole "I have the answer" quote ) exp will still be received from combat at the a/d cap, but it will just refuse to pass the level 100 mark. So you will be stuck there with 0 exp left to reach level 101 etc. This means you can still gain oa exp. Just the way I perceived the cap from the beginning.
  7. The Bronze Sword

    With my NMT perk that's, on average, ~100 swings until it breaks... i wouldn't call it "a few swings" ...but irrelevant of how many swings it lasts for, i simply don't agree with your argument. You're saying that just because the imbalance lasts only briefly, that makes it ok... i disagree. And why do you think Ent has made this change? Obviously because of the such high break rate, many players would rather save up for the therm serp or something nearly as powerful than spend many multiples of 20k's to have a few extra-strong swords that would break so often (considered as an expensive renting option). The NMT is irrelevant here as that is a bonus option if the fighter wants to take it. It also applies to the break rate of the therm serp so once again, lets leave that out of here Power isn't the only thing that plays a role here. The swords are also chosen based on their visual appeal, and the therm serp beats that to the punch hands down. And how could I possibly persuade you to agree with me that the imbalance that lasts only for a short period is worth having in the game. I guess I can't because it all depends on what your views are and what you value. Of course it also depends on which end to the sword you've been on and how you've experienced handling the sword as well. Being killed many times to the bronze sword and having it break after the first two shots in your hand would make anyone lose their morale and loyalty to the sword My choice still stands, the stats are ok the way they are.
  8. The Bronze Sword

    Once you use a bronze sword in battle, more than likely it will be lost after a few minutes of combat. Many wouldn't bother with this sword because - even though it is cheap compared to the therm serp - the likelihood that it wont live to see the light of day is enough to turn their heads right away from it. IMO the bronze sword is good the way it is, and if you are up to the cost of destroying one for a few swings of it, then by all means use it and take advantage of its beneficial damage infliction.
  9. Server updates?

    This would be a good excuse to have an update, once it's implemented on the main server, why not here too?
  10. Selling Magic Removal Stone

    The Auction is over! Smurf I will try meet you ingame (ingame name smurf?)
  11. Selling Jagged Saber

    Let the battle begin
  12. Clicking on yourself

    Sounds like a good idea. It would rid us of those pointless "obviously you can't trade with yourself" and "you see youself" messages. Nothing I can really think of that would require clicking on yourself in any situation.
  13. How do you spend you day on the PK Server

    Piggy and Sygon cracked me up! Still new so I do mostly random stuff. There is no "Harvest mums this year, silver next year but stop playing EL before ever making the HEs" for me.
  14. Selling Magic Removal Stone

    2 days remaining from this point > . Current top bid: Smurf ~ 240k
  15. Community restrictions on sales-bots,

    Agreed, once per hour per bot is reasonable. Reminder for the bot owners: The idea is not to spam @3 as this will cause players to start ignoring bots, deeming your ads worthless. As trade bots begin to flourish and chat becomes more unbearable, be considerate, lower the time between ad posts.