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  1. Thanks to....

    It made me laugh too when i read it again earlier, hehe
  2. Thanks to....

    Tidus!! <3 I would like to thank you for appearing for once! Yay! For like the first time in aaaaaaaaaaaaaages, but i don't reconise the name
  3. Thanks to....

    Nothing for me!! OMG I thought we were lovers!
  4. New leather-iron armor

    Are the torso and pants the only peieces you are planning to make? Or are you planning to make some similar boots also? They look cool though
  5. So, what do we think about the new changes?

    So 43884 entered after update average, and 70297 went out of the game. Whats going to happen when the big oversupply of vials goes? thats gonna mess with the market big time. Yeah, it may work now, but a LONG term solution is gonna be needed. Thought about a chance for a vial to go after being drunk? like 15%
  6. So, what do we think about the new changes?

    Pssh!!! shoulda told me vials were gonna go after you drink, i shoulda bought like 5k !!! >,<
  7. Mortos Challange

  8. Mortos Challange - Question

    Certain number!!! It'll be unfair with a guild of say 8 people against a guild with 45 members.
  9. WHAAAAAAAT! ur kidding meh right?

    errr... congratulations???
  10. =EF= declares war on FUBR

    =EF= ALL THE WAY!!!
  11. HM HI

    I have red and yellow!
  12. HM HI

    I TRADE MEWTOO for the pokémon named PokeLearnermon!
  13. HM HI

    Do you have the pheonix one Z!? Willing to trade? Or anyone else willing?
  14. HM HI

    WOW MAN, I GOT EM ALL BUT 1!!! I am a leet Pokémon master! Can i please trade it with you!!!! I'll do anything!!!
  15. heheheh