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  1. Too Many Bots?

    I'll post the location of the bot in here. It will be located somewhere on IP or in one of the houses there. Maybe the tavern would be a good choice. Have to do some programming first and gain some experience in magic *g*
  2. Too Many Bots?

    I'll take care of the abuse First of all I won't heal above a certain amount of health points. Second the bot will be not near beam or any of the docks. Still have to choose a good location. Third I'll remember the users of the bot and the last time they got healed. Unfortunately I can't let them pay for getting heald cause it's not an NPC and I'm not allowed to gain profit from my bot. *g* So the bot has to get it's ressources from other players. It can't walk around yet. It will accept the ressources for healing only. The bot filter could be done by a list of names. I don't think a lot of bots are moving around.
  3. Storage Area Concept Art

    That's just the same result that I got from my look at the code and the tcpdump of a storage session, Ezeril
  4. Storage Area Concept Art

    I would prefer the interface from moonshadow though I think the place to enter a custom quantity should be changed cause without some descriptive text it just looks like an empty box without any meaning. I don't think a noob will recognize what it's supposed to do but maybe that's on purpose I'll have a look at the client-server-protocol of the storage. Maybe there is a workaround until Entropy could implement the server part of the new storage interface.
  5. Storage Area Concept Art

    What about scrolling the storage inventory because on your image there are only 32 slots and storage has 100 afaik. Or use categories just like the current system. Unfortunately I don't know much about GUI programming with SDL to implement that text widget. The rest shouldn't be a problem cause it's just a little bit copy and paste from the trade system and the current storage system with some minor adjustments, right?
  6. The Bank System Is Poo

    To the programming stuff: - It can be done - It can't be done just on the client side Maybe I'll do that after finishing my bot.
  7. Random Crashes

    He knows they won't need it but some people try to pretend that they're admins and they need username and password for account administration. Though these people prefer to get into your bank account instead of playing EL but some people use the same password everywhere... I'm using FC2 with an ATI Radeon 9600 with the latest driver from ATI. Don't know which opengl version is on my system. Could you tell me how to get this information?
  8. Too Many Bots?

    Hm, make a bot heal nearby people wouldn't be too hard except for the ressources for the spell. I'll gladly implement that if the community is interested in it and some people would share there ressources for that cause I don't have the time to do that. I have a server+database so I could run the bot 24/7 with simple user authentication. I just need the ok from an Admin or Entropy and I'll start right away though I'll have to teach him remote healing first which will take some time but I'll do that too. I think it's fair enough to do something for the community if you have the skills to make a bot cause C is not an easy language and you should have some basic knowledge about network protocols and buffer overflow to avoid security issues and DoS problems. Falyala P.S.: Entropy, if you're intested in the code just contact me but it's written in Java and not in C
  9. Random Crashes

    And I thought I'm the only one having this problem but it only happens with the Linux version. Windows version is running fine though. Don't know why.
  10. If You Want To Have A Bot

    Ardelin is a guild storage bot in development and may be a trade bot later on. It's currently in the Mynadar Woods (votd).
  11. Hmm, Broken...

    Adding #include "keys.h" to elwindows.c seems to fix it.