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  1. record players online

    You better say thanks to me ive cared for a small review in PcGameplay thats For Belgians and for the Dutch.Thats maybe why theirs more people..but i left el,im playing shooters now maybe theres a chance i return in a new form bye
  2. Hurrican KATrina is heading my way :shock:

    .New Orleans is destroyed..
  3. What happened to all the oldbies

    Aaah ye olde teethless grandpa is here.I know EL a few months after it was released not so good graphics but the close comunity and the items were really good Respect me!I never joined the forums then it was a brown color..or yellow my brains are getting..umm whats the word again? Infact ive started again with a new char...:/
  4. lol?

  5. Expedition to Irilion

    Letter from a Sailor: We still alive and our boat is still working..Also we found a man in our Ocean Strider :/ We are busy to research the full area.We saw beautyful lands with much monsters and unknown creatures..I think i saw a Golden dragon or something ... Goodbye People and wish us luck I found this letter at White stone city castle :/
  6. Daan&Seppe

    No answers?
  7. OK... OK.. Hee hee

    Man THAT was really so funny (Drunk 15beers and had some laughing gas with me)
  8. the Decline of Videogames

    Lol ive saw all 3 but the best is Part 2 with the tornado's on Tv and the airplane :Drofl
  9. Fantasy Rock/Metal

    Oops didnt read Fantasy
  10. Fantasy Rock/Metal

    Roja a new one Korpiklaani,Madball Papa roach,Slipknot,Rammstein, Slayer,Mettalica,Mudvayne,Cradle Of Filth.... Ill nino,dream theater,and other for more just pm me
  11. Wake Me Up When September Ends

    Greenday rulez :=P
  12. whats your religon?

    Im from Gallia So im a Barbarian that believes in Gods from water,animals,trees..like in EL
  13. HPT

    Lil animals killing eachother really funnyy! HPT
  14. EL Mad Gab, err sorta

    Nice but i was looking in Kala's her beauty eyes
  15. hunting of cats to be legalized

    Cats are house animals and i should hate it when people kill cats O i saw a video on the news when a young guy is murdering a cat with a knife..thats terrible!!! Yes kill Ants they dont have brains..