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  1. Lore Skill

    Well i wouldn't have any problems referring to another game if the idea wasn't mine. I honestly don't know what game you're talking about, maybe i played it some time ago and the way skills work remained unconscioulsy on my mind and now i thought i had a new idea, when in fact i was just taking it from the subconscious mind? either that or its a coincidence, now if you can PM me the game name i can tell you for sure if I have played it or not
  2. Lore Skill

    actually it was a simplified idea from an old single player game i still love to play today where your critical chance depends on if and where on your opponent's anatomy you make the targeted hit
  3. Lore Skill

    I think its a pretty good idea. But it would need something more than just showing the creature's stats to justify the skill's implementation. How about discovering certain weaknesses in certain monsters? After you discover a monster's weakness, by reaching a certain lore skill, you could choose to do a regular hit, or try the "special" attack against the monster. The special attack would have a certain chance depending on your lore skill to cause a critical hit doing double/triple damage, but your chance to hit and/or damage dealt would be lowered by 25%. The fighting books could work as a pre-requisite for the special attack for certain monsters, along with a certain lore skill.
  4. How To Change Appearance

    dude ur stupid i suggested this so you can switch the color of ur shirt pants boots and hair that's all not gender or nething like that (already implemented colors u dumbass) and 90 lvl manu.... ok well cya in 3 years when someone is lvl 90 manu Well I guess I confused Aerowind too much with my last post, so let me clear a few things up: I said i agree with your idea about changing clothing colors in mid-game, but NOT hairstyles or makeup or anything like that, as the other guy said. I wasn't implying you suggested any homossexual stuff or anything, so chill. Also about the custom clothing, ok maybe lvl 90 manu is too much, but it must be hard enough to do (not under 50) or do you want to wait 10 min everytime you login because all the n00bs are making their own shirts and you have to download each of them?
  5. Another Brilliant Idea :)

    i dont think anyone would take the high risk of losing one potion of each kind to make a superpotion just for saving a few clicks.
  6. How To Change Appearance

    I agree with the last post this game doesn't need any more girly things to do However i think its a great idea to manufacture clothing, and it shouldn't be too hard to implement. I also suggest at higher levels (90 or so, this should be extremely difficult to make for bw reasons) players are able to create ONE type of custom piece of clothing, that is they draw a t-shirt/pants/boots skin, upload it and then they have the exclusive rights to manufacture it so its also a great way for players to add content to the game, and if they add a really cool shirt for example that everyone wants they can become rich due to their 31337 dr4wing skillz, not just apple picking! And guilds would be able to make their own exclusive clothing, making each guild visually unique.
  7. Mercury

    make it so a strong player can "pursuade" harvey to reveal his mercury source/harvesting method or a high level mage can "convince" him to reveal it it could be a secret cave in DP in which there would be pools of mercury and the player would need vials and titanium gloves to get it
  8. Illegal Goods!

    hey all i'm back, finished moving! Glad to know some of you see the potential of this idea Nice story Lyanna i like it, pay no attention to the name I was really sleepy when i posted that About the Horny Goat Muscle thing I meant a big eivl goat walking on two legs full of muscles and horns you pervert Maybe if you kill one of these you get a few muscles for the potion, and the horns pulverized with the mortar and pestle for some high level eivl weapon! Entropy i really hope you add at least a few things i suggested, it will give your game a lot more content to play with! If I can help with something please let me know
  9. Illegal Goods!

    well it could be something like this: First every player starts neutral, and they can make all the neutral quests of course, plus the first good and first evil quest. Those two should appear sometime in the middle of the neutral quests, and players could choose the good, evil, or just ignore both and do only the neutral quests. If they proceed this way, they can do some both good and evil things, and good/evil players can do some neutral things too. The idea is to have 3 independent paths to take, each with their unique rewards in the end. Now if players decide to go on the evil path, they will be requested by their evil tutor to make some deeds, like harvesting dwarven Shrooms of Delight, which are highly forbidden and hard to reach (PK map for example). They shouldn't be very hard to harvest, as most young evil players won't be very experienced. Tutor explains how to collect them [unlock Shrooms of Delight harvesting] So they go on this quest, and if they succeed, their tutor will give them another shady contact to where players can sell their mushrooms. (this can be an existing, corrupt npc) These mushrooms could sell for say 2 gp / unit. After this the NPC can ask the player to do some minor quests, as to unlock other harvestable evil things (SCR: Swamp Candle Roots (their roots are very hard to get, so normal players leave the root behind when harvesting swamp candles, and are even unaware of its power) (2.5 gp each), FCA: Fossilized Chrysanterum Arcanum (in caves, again unnoticeable by normal players) (3 gp each), etc. These could be progressively harder to harvest. But heres the catch: on every trade the player makes, there is a chance that the Eternal Eye of Justice (Lyanna make a story about him ) will be looking at the player. This chance depends on the illegality of the item, and he will be summoned to a jail. Depending on the amount, and the item, the player will stay there for a certain time. For example: 1 min/ 5 mushroom, 1.2 min/ 5 SCR, 1.5 min/ FCA etc. Ok then after being able to harvest a couple of illegal items the next quest should require a decent level from the player, like 20 or something (the tutor shouldn't give more quests saying the player must prove himself first, so people get the quests at a good pace) He would ask you to steal the Orb of Evil from a certain NPC. Then after completing this hard quest he would just say it was a test and the orb was worthless, but it was necessary to prove the player's worth of the following knowledge: [unlock Potion of Purple Mana (gets 10 mana/usage but has a 10% chance of draining the user's mana instead)], [unlock Black Leather Gloves (+2 damage, but drains the user's will by 2)] Here are some more ideas: A full leather set, with each item adding something and subtracting another, like the gloves. Potion of Dark Matter, (+10 health/usage but 10% chance of leaving user with 1hp) Potion of Horny Goat Muscle, (+10 physique for 10 min, but chance for permanent -1 phys OR if you think thats too rough chance for -10 phys for the next 10 min) These manufacturable items would be even more illegal and expensive AND players of opposing alignments can get them but can't use them. Evil guys obviously can't do good stuff or they'll gain LOTS of karma and lose access to the l33t stuff. The good side would work something like that except they would get only half the benefits, but no penalties (like a potion of purification (+7.5 health) But the catch is: no high smuggling prices for good players, because there's no risk. They get slightly better items in the beginning , but can't do bad stuff or lose a lot of karma. In the end however they can get maybe better armors, but cant cast evil magic for example because its against their code of conduct. These are just some ideas to give players a few paths to follow, the idea is to make them all tempting and balanced. I hope this post hasn't been in vain, because im moving tomorrow and its 2 am here so i should be sleeping! Please feel free to add more ideas how you'd like this to work. Heck you could even make all players free to roam the land, but only those who PTP would be able to follow the good/evil paths. Thanks for reading this little post :lol:
  10. Illegal Goods!

    And there could be a new perk related to this.. Smuggler! u could smuggle the goods in your stomach (so u could put some in the empty space of your food bar) so your chance to get caught would be 1/2! You couldn't eat anything after that and if u take too long and start digesting the stuff you die and go to hell
  11. Illegal Goods!

    Since people are talking about a karmic system, you'll need eviler things to do in the game other than killing rabbits and spamming in channels. How about adding illegal goods? like u can harvest weed or some other plant, and then do some alchemy and you get a potion of high that besides adding some crazy hallucination effect, will boost your health/mana or some stat in like 10 for 15 minutes, which is illegal too, and has a 1/100 chance of decreasing 1 permanently from the stat every time u drink it. Or a potion that will add poison to your weapon or something. But whenever you try to trade these things you have a chance in 1/5 of going to jail and having to stay there for 30 min / 1 hour! The goods should be expensive enough to justify the risks of course. This would also require a shady NPC to trade in these items, maybe in a future slum in WSC And in every trade your karma should go down by a certain amount, when the karmic system is implemented! The opposite for picking flowers! :lol: PS: Make it hard to harvest/process, so people dont create a lot of chars to get illegal stuff and just switch to another one if they go to jail.
  12. Buying Excavator Cloak!

    thanks Lyanna but i already knew that i was just looking if someone would sell it for less, but since its been 3 days and no answer i don't have much choice ill have to get it from the npc <_<
  13. Buying Excavator Cloak!

    well the title pretty much says it all..
  14. Smack The Penguin Records!

    I just beat the noslide record: