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  1. Yeti spawns

    I thought yetis are used for gc harvesting not training
  2. When multing a creature

    I think your question has already been answered
  3. Bug with Evanescence perk

    i had evac perk too, i didnt see much difference in training but mostly i could see difference on multi (pk or training)
  4. Yeti spawns

    remone nexus removals better pp hydro is not only used for pk reasons for some all arounders is really helpfull
  5. idk how many ppl buy acc/evac pots from npc, i remember it was kinda hard buying cause of anti perk and as a potioner i never did mix many due to the ings that are needed on the other hand those potions are common drops from fluffies so a/d trainers that sell them can get a little profit from it. Removing them won't increase the cost of a/d training at levels 85-110s ?
  6. Yeti spawns

    maybe more dragon spawns later so each one of us can have his own spawn
  7. u can reduce the cost by not using them too
  8. Enchanted Pickaxes

    i lol'd
  9. BURN is a bagjumping guild

    EL needs a dark side too get over it
  10. Where to put my pickets =]

    basically it depends how u understand max exp u are going to take defence exp but not attack this built might work for u until u hit ogres because orcs have low defence so u will be able to hit them if i were u i would reset, there is no need to make extreme builts on your char
  11. Situ guild recruiting

    SiTu is a great guild, with friendly player that have knowledge of the game It is a priviledge for players beeing in this guild Good luck
  12. New top 3

    gratz Dugy \o/
  13. Game has changed mch in the last few years, ppl top at ,for example, a/d had more benefits than people starting nowadays (TS effect, full restoration etc) I don't have a problem, people that have "dedicated" their lives to EL would advise Ent about his thoughts for the game, or even providing some ideas. But on the other hand people 's voice should be heard ,even if they play this game for a month only. BUT It's Ent's game, his money ,his future is at risk when making a bad call, not mine not anyone else's and he has to do whatever he thinks is better for him. So relax and enjoy the game ~Xar
  14. pvp afk

    no armor for the afk person so more remote healings (u dont want him dead ;p). Tried it and got around 450-500k a/d/m but paid a lot for SRs/HEs/MEs and the afk person gets very little exp. Great exp and great money sink
  15. Storage sale

    i ll buy the AEs
  16. Greek

  17. Buying instinct removals

    buying 4 instinct removals
  18. Buying instinct removals

    still buying pm me
  19. Storage Sell!

    10k toadstools =15000gc 300 ale = 600gc 21k wormwoods = 31500gc 1k empty vial = 5500gc total 52.600gc pm me in game Lidda was faster :/
  20. Hoarding poll

    over 200kgc most of time i keep at least 5 rostos at sto for training/invasion no use for enriched stones/essies cause i dont manu or summon
  21. minerals, ores and clearing other items

    beaver fur 4gc each
  22. Finally 107

    congratz Raz
  23. Auction: ICD removal stone

    got one ingame nvm
  24. Serping spawns

    Imho after 125s a/d exp per hour doesnt really matter, it matters how much time u spend for training...
  25. Storage sale

    i ll buy the vial molds