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  1. Help me Please.

    I Tried to Log in Just now and It's working again, thanks for the help
  2. Help me Please.

    Computer type, Macbook Processor Name: Intel Core 2 Duo Processor Speed: 2 GHz Video card: Intel GMA 950 OpenGL Engine Vendor ID: Intel Inc. OpenGL Version: 1.2 APPLE-1.4.56 Mac OS X Version 10.4.11
  3. small sto sale

    200 spirit ess, I will take all.
  4. Help me Please.

    For some Reason Every time i try to Log into Wolverine2 the client crashes. I had been playing for a little while and then started to go into the Cellar under the Emerald valley Tavern and now it will not let me log back in. I can log into another character just fine.
  5. Getting Rid of a few things

    I will buy book of diamond mining, PM me ingame please. Name Wolverine2
  6. Journey of a warrior

    Good story, I enjoy reading it and I am looking forward to more chapters.
  7. Selling Death essence

  8. Book of magic sword

  9. Storage Clean Up

    how much for the titanium axe?
  10. Buying and selling

    never mind do not need atm. if you still have when i need i will let you know
  11. Selling Great Swords

    How much for the emerald Claymore?
  12. Selling some stuff

    I will buy s2e of ice pm me with price. PS if i am not on wolverine2 try legolas23.
  13. Cant play

    I just downloaded version 1.5.0 beta and am having same problem, I can log in on other account but not wolverine2 . and i tried deleting el.ini did not work please help
  14. Made big no-no. =(

    Thank you!! Please do gc wipe Legosii - I'll behave on him from now on. =) Thanks again Aislinn!! You're the best!! Legosii
  15. Made big no-no. =(

    Hi Aislinn, This is Legosii I was watching over my brothers shoulder while he was talking to you - You said one forum account was enough, so I'm posting from the one he made - If this is against the rules as well, I an extremely sorry. Let me see if I can get my brother out of the Mess I dug for him. I created the account Legosii I can't remember how long ago, a few months I think. We had just found the game, and tried it out. I didn't care for it much, so I didn't log in hardly at all - My brother did though, and began to play quite often. (thats wolverine2 - I have another brother who has an account as well, no idea how often he plays though). A few days ago, I logged back onto Legosii and started harvesting lilacs again as I was bored. I discovered that I could make quite a bit of cash rather quickly, and started to get ideas.(Bad!) I made another account, firedia, and logged into them both at the same time, harvesting twice as much. A Little later, seeing how much more I was getting, I made a third account, The_docter, and did the same thing. Whenever I had gotten a goodly amount of cash on the to others, I traded them to Legosii, thinking that I could get super rich in days. I had, however, not fully read though the rules. I play some other MMORPG's, and knew that Multi-logging wasn't generally allowed, but I convinced myself that, since this was in beta and didn't have many players, they wouldn't care. Gee, that was real smart. I don't know how detailed your logs are, but if you can see, I use a Mac computer for all my stuff - Legosii, Firedia, and The_Docter were all logged in from a Mac - Wolverine2 usually from a linux or windows. If he was logged in from my Mac at the same time as the others, you'll notice that they were AFK at the time - he did not do anything on them. (actually, he couldn't even see them, they were in a different desk than he was In summary - I knowingly broke the rules and multi-logged and traded. My brother, Wolverine2 did not do anything, all three of those accounts, (Legosii, Firedia and The_Docter) were made and controlled by me. Nothing was traded to or from Wolverine2. Please unlock wolverine2, I don't want to wreck all my brother hard work. =( And, if possible, could you unlock legosii as well, just delete the amount of gc that came from the other 2 accounts? Thank you!! Legosii P.s. I just asked my other brother what his username was -its Elvizar. Please unlock him as well? He also had nothing to do with it - I'm not even sure if he's logged in since I started back up.