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  1. Storage cleaning

    Can I buy just one of these? If so, PM me ingame please
  2. STO sale

    Can i buy just 1 wooden staff? (Call me a n00b, I think they look cool )
  3. Signature & Avatar Sets

    bump. Does anyone know whats goin' on? I'd like some input.. Thanks. -Manus1
  4. Outhouse

    Even better
  5. Outhouse

    Heck Yeah! I'm for it!
  6. ROFL Cats :D

    http://www.roflcat.com/index.php Lol, I found this website very entertaining.
  7. Pacman

    ROFL that one is great .
  8. Old pr0 video

  9. use of different heights

    Dwarves ftw! But yeah, I like this suggestion. Good idea .
  10. I completely agree, especially with the bolded part.
  11. What was your first guild?

    SWAT was my first guild, then I moved on to MaGE, and now BanE.
  12. sto sale...

    I'll buy the Medallion of Life, PM me ingame please.
  13. Selling one Steel Two Edged Sword of Thermal

    I can get 24k from a bot... so I would like more than that.
  14. Selling one Steel Two Edged Sword of Thermal

    Sorry, has to be at least 30... I'll contact you if noone else is buying it.