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  1. Banned?

    ~~hmm okay... i c~ well im tiered im going to bed for a few hours ill try to understand better while i sleep thx everyone for explainations
  2. Banned?

    guess that makes a little more since than previously posted bro. but like i said earlier i didnt log in, dont have the pass to it does it still make it an alt
  3. Banned?

    1. like i said i was speaking on the char to certin people, no where in the rules does it say no talking through your parents char like (pm from Rowdy: Gerlad/TezCatLiPocA says hi) then continuing on i.e. like o may i speak with him then i do all the typing, im not arguing that its an alt but I didnt log on it, to me it sounds like flaming, im not arguing or getting on your case nor am i catchin an "attitude" im mearly stateing a fact. further more my training and most of my speaking was done on TezCatLiPoca there for not an alt it was my main char i only spoke a few times with Rowdy im sorry if you think otherwise there is nothing i can nor will do about that peace.
  4. Banned?

    Ty Gnny, may i ask who the mod who banned me was so i may clear this up. or atleast try i know my no-alts clause tiz why i didnt make an alt
  5. Banned?

    this is verry true that it was said that i stole things from her, but if you would check with her and my father you would see otherwise, also you would see that i was not on her char just talking to someone on her char that she spoke to first i.e. not shareing chars not an alt nor stealing from her
  6. Banned?

    Yes Gnny, i spoke to several people before she logged the char off this is true but i honestly dont see how talking to someone from someone elses char is illeagle when that person is sitting in the chair while i type, reading everything i say
  7. Banned?

    yes Gnny, but as previously stated, was not my alt. was for my moms new char.
  8. Banned?

    hi im sorry but i was going to log on to my char TezCatLiPoca after mom logged out and couldnt idk if it was for banned or not can someone explain to me please ty
  9. No drops KF

    I TezCatLiPocA, solomnly swear to be in kf 30+ mins a day and on the 24th day i shall be only if weather permits me to do so. im 100s a/d and prepared to kill and be killed!
  10. The Tahraji Desert NDD Clash

    hey hey hey im down as always you know that :DD fighter ofc peace love and happiness all around ;o
  11. invasion tokens

    the way i see it this is an attempt to get more players interested in invaisions not to make the harvers uneasy i c why people would be mad about it but i dont see why its a problem truthfully i like ents decision cause it just wants me to kill more why complain when its a good decision not to make c2 less traveld or anything cause iirc most the heavy invaisions are on c2 as is so how does this change anything
  12. Summon Stone POLL!

    voted to remove completly
  13. First guild

    and now there is 3 members my self included hehe gl beating that
  14. bug on pk srvr

    Hi, there is a bad defence bug on pk srvr it wont allow you to gain def pts but will allow you to get attk pts i fealt it needed to be known befor the pk srvr was relesed
  15. Corpus Opis

    if i can get my comp to run el longer than 10mins ill join pending on who the members are