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  1. Swearing in forum and game

    Actually, I treat people as they treat me. never saw somebody banning you because they didnt like your jokes or because you you got confused and posted some not entirely relevant information guess i just missed that
  2. Spelling And Grammar Errors

    this happens at a certain secret entrance to WV cave. maybe its supposed to be "at the pitch"?
  3. 1.5.0 Map Bugs

    I expected the Draegoni Blacksmith School in Dra Syn to be a manu school, but theres no double exp in there. No big thing, as this school isnt in a favorable position anyway, but acelon told me to report it here, so there it is Awevo
  4. Buying Thread!

  5. Buying Thread!

    if you want to get rid of 5k Thread, ill pay you 15kgc for it!
  6. New web server speed

    all nice and fast!
  7. 1.5.0 Map Bugs

    its nothing big, just a typo. i dont have the coords, but its somewhere in the trassian insides/undergrounds. here my chat_log: [14:18:05] Your eyes widen as you enter a big cavern hallway. [14:18:25] You enter the tools cave. You can see fishing rods on the floor. [14:18:30] Welcome back to the caves hall. [14:18:34] You entered some sort of cleaning cave, people clean clothes here. [14:18:38] Welcome back to the caves hall. [14:18:54] This is where the Draegoni research plants and shrubs. [14:19:06] Welcome back to the caves hall. [14:19:17] It's Soldus' nice warm spa! M'lady will love this! [14:19:21] Welcome back to the caves hall. [14:19:36] A cave where brooms and other improtant possessions are stored. EDIT: shame on me, i didnt see the spelling thread (i did a search on "improtant" tho *trying to hide my n00bness*)
  8. Treasure Hunters cape

    whats the point to make you lose harv exp??? just make this cape (if ever implemented, what i duobt :/ ) a really rare monster drop, like nmt. by that way ppl wouldnt use it too much, coz there wouldnt be too much capes ingame. it might be a solution to the decrease of rare stones, though it would mean less $$ for radu, dont think hell like that idea
  9. works perfectly well less crashes it seems
  10. Man (player) eating leopard

    i really think it should ignore MM and invade ALL c2 maps - afk harvesters still can go to c1, and stos will be quite safe as long as there are enough ppl. if it doesnt attack MM perked ppl what would be the point? it would be another quite normal monster like so many others on c2! i totally agree with ent - some danger only makes this game more fun! question: would that monster stay outside btw? or will it invade caves and houses too?
  11. Man (player) eating leopard

    very nice idea.. what about this monster looting players? i mean he takes dbs, and if you kill it youll get it back! EDIT: well, if he "eats" people" it may happen he takes a bite of the eqipment, too, and itll be in his stomach then (to prevent ppl saying "how unreal would that be - an animal/monster with equipment!")
  12. Mage class formulas

    isnt a cross attribute worth 2 pps? it only increases when you put 2 pps to basic atrributes. so the formula might be: heal=magic*2 + rationality*5 + magic_nexus*10
  13. Mage class formulas

    i play EL for several months now, my magic level is 22, my rationality is 8. that would be 22 * 9 * 8/100 = 198 * 8/100 = 15 that would be 1.5 the health i get when doing a normal healing spell with the other formula that would be 33 + 40 = 73 which sounds more like "restore" to me... of course, im still kinda noob, but only restoring 15hp with restore spell after playing half a year seems definetely too less IMO...
  14. Storage cleaning

    cutlass for 21k?