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  1. Allergic to fur :happy: You should get extra damage from fighting animals as well then.

    I don't think it's a good idea to have this as a perk. The special day could be interesting though.



    IMHO we have enough negs, too many in fact, this is just another perk to add to the 100% fighter for free pp.


    Not if that applies to fluffies, chimerans, and yetis. :D

  2. I decided that holding a week long contest for the silver ore prize was too long and complicated, so I'll make it simple. The winner of the lottery for this Sunday (January the 14th) will also have 550,000 silver ore tacked onto their prize.


    Hurry and buy your tickets. :blink:


    (The tickets you purchase in Grahm's for the lottery)




    Same rules from the other contest apply regarding outlaws: if you have been placed in the outlaws forum for a good reason (PKing is not a reason) or you're on the current contest ban list, you're disqualified.


    Also, I reserve the right to refuse the prize to certain individuals (although, this is RARE and most likely won't be done since it's reserved for price gougers, general pricks, etc)

  3. [12:32:58] [PM from jozko: type #suicide]

    [12:33:06] [PM from jozko: write #suicide]


    while I was sitting at beam. Probably telling everybody he sees to say this. No further comments.