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  1. Avoiding Monsters while harvesting

    Depends where you're mining.
  2. Avoiding Monsters while harvesting

    Well, in theory, you'll need something like 120 defense (not sure of the exact formula) to avoid chimerans. But for minor guys like goblins, then only like 40 defense should suffice for the entire range of lower level monsters.
  3. It's true in most PvP games that stats are hidden. I can name 10 games off the top of my head that don't show stats, or you have to be a keen observer to get a slight hint of someone's level. In the very least, I'd rather they have an option if you would like to enable your stats to public viewing.
  4. ChickenGeorge

    As long as I've known CG (the son), he's always been decent. He only started getting abuse reports and bans after he became Shivar's friend. And is it entirely implausible to believe you're a negative influence Shivar? After all, you have been banned about.. 5 times? Oo Severely punished once. Not to mention seeing the rows and rows of curse words you've said in local. And maybe he was only that 'way' to you Shivar because you WERE his enemy. Not everybody treats their enemies with respect. Anyway, go on and insult me some more kid: it's nice to see just how much of an idiot you really are.
  5. ChickenGeorge

    I'd rather not say who are the influences.. it'll just start a flame war.
  6. reset?!

    Sos, it might be better if you just avoid this section of the forums. :mellow:
  7. ChickenGeorge

    CG is/was a good kid. I just think he started hanging out with the wrong people who put a negative influence on him. Peer pressure and mentality, so to speak.
  8. Medicine advancing

    Link Imagine the possibilities.
  9. why do names...

    Their fault for picking that self-proclaimed rank.
  10. Medicine advancing

    Not too sure SisteMa.. all I know is that the people who have piercings or open body art are really going to hate this.
  11. Medicine advancing

    No, it's just.. science. Don't worry Placid. They should make regenerating pigs pretty soon. You'll never have to go to the slaughterhouse again.
  12. Well an apologie.

    If Gryflet can convince me he's going to turn over a new leaf, then I can say it's bankable. Oo I'm very skeptical about him.
  13. lol @ kf

    Not much of a waste if you kill someone and get their armor, is it?
  14. lol @ kf

    Damage rings are fair game Shivar. Just like any stat boosting potions are.
  15. whats your religon?

    I don't try to convert anyone Kala.
  16. street drug?

    Oh, we're due for a mass #reset soon. Infact, we're overdue.
  17. EAF Championships

    Some people will level a/d only to 20/20 and never fight again. Most never take up fighting as their main career anyway, so it's a pretty safe call to say they'd gain 20/20 or 30/30 or whatever a/d and just sit it there to fight championships with.
  18. MyMap

    I don't think they are. They just require one helluva good memory to remember coordinates long enough to write down, or you waste time going back and checking the numbers again. I think that one is the harder problem. That and the fact that .def files are just.. long. :mellow:
  19. MyMap

    Portals are also 3d objects. Programming the portal where to go is in the .def file (which you don't have to write for a test map)
  20. MyMap

    Well Cedox, you don't necessarily have to have a portal on a test map..
  21. Began my studies

    Go for it Wyt. You're the only type that can pass chemistry classes.
  22. Whats your favorite race?

    Voted for humans.. the most versatile.
  23. EAF Championships

    I still think the a/d levels could be tightened up for lower levels or maybe have a couple more classes added for compensation. Probably won't happen but oh well, I'll enjoy seeing a 6/6 a/d getting crushed by a 20/20.
  24. Hurrican KATrina is heading my way :shock:

    Yeah.. now if anyone wants to wait it out, they've got nothing to lose apparently. Oo
  25. reward?

    FSU, some of us are making maps out of pure goodwill. I want nothing in return for making them and I'm sure a lot of the other mapmakers don't want anything but to help. Maybe after you've proven you can make a diehard map should you ask for an item.