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  1. Oldbie Poll

    You two would make a perfect couple. If you cut Beav out of the picture.
  2. The Hall Of Fame

    But guys, we do have halls of fame! Hall of [Temporary?] Fame Hall of Developers Hall of Volunteers
  3. The Hall Of Fame

    Dedicating a lot of that time to each other. Jk CG
  4. New map editor wishlist

    I like it. If you mean by heightmaps placing themselves via their ground tiles, some tiles (water) do that automatically. If you mean by objects having the heightmap pre-done before placing the object, just push ctrl+h and drop objects: the heightmap is done If you meant neither, disregard because I couldn't interpret that right. It's not a huge convenience as it is. Don't worry. Hold ctrl when placing objects. Works very well for 2d. Only copies for 3d though. Smart. That would probably require a bit of programming, but sounds very good.
  5. spawn ownership

    Hopefully this issue will be resolved with totally random spawns.
  6. EAF Championships

    Exactly. You have to have tighter limits to make it more fair.
  7. EAF Championships

    Uhm, I don't think you'd want to see that kind of mess.. A 120 'lber' going against a 150-160 'lber.' Very, very messy scene Evy.
  8. EAF Championships

    Voted for A. Would like to see welterweight bumped to 50+, lightweight to 40+, [added] featherweight to 30+, flyweight to 30 and below.
  9. this ones for entropy

    That is.. painful. Oo
  10. Alchemists Tool

    I'd rather it make 5 essies at 70%-90% the speed it would normally take. It makes it a fair substitute for regular clicking.
  11. Oldbie Poll

    Would you truly like me to name about 100 games all with leveling and global chat? -_- It's part of a game -- if they don't have either of those, they're either geniuses or complete morons.
  12. Eternal PvP

    How about no? Some of us aren't PKers at all. Some of us don't really care about fighting period. In general, that's probably half the community or more at the least. If 15 year olds want to go fight for online respect, let them. I want no part in anything they do. <_<
  13. Just another bag jumper :(

    I think Gryflet fails to realize that regular players become more rich than any bagjumpers do. At the same time, they build stats and feel proud -- bagjumpers can feel proud for being little pests.
  14. Just another bag jumper :(

    Good people don't scam.
  15. Just another bag jumper :(

    Wow, you're death? I'm positive most of the population on this forum isn't scared of you. Strange.
  16. Just another bag jumper :(

  17. Oldbie Poll

    I bet if you ever get in a RL fight and get your teeth knocked in, you'll finally start to dislike the fighting aspect. *stares at aspirin bottle some more*
  18. New map editor wishlist

    Uhm, they're like that right now. If you mean 1x1 in terms of heightmap gridding, that might take a little work from Wytter/Rogue/whomever with how reformatting it would work. (Like how to get the current 6x6 ground tiles to work with 1x1 ones) Edit: @Vermor: Save your map file, press ctrl+e, and alt+left click on objects and blend them individually. Your best bet if you want transparency. Another edit: If I was to suggest something, I'd definitely ask for a way to make tiles vertical. Probably an increase in the height of heightmap tiles? Up to 6.00?
  19. Oldbie Poll

    It's just a super bland judgmental message Spock. Everyone has their idea of what makes an oldbie, middlebie, or newbie.
  20. Just another bag jumper :(

    A career scammer has a very hard time of being viewed as decent even over a long reform time. If you truly want to be a good guy (and I believe deep down that you don't), then you'd better bust tail to prove it.
  21. Oldbie Poll

    So it's that bland of a description? So are middlebies people who started after Autumn 03 and before December 23, 2004 at 6:35:32 pm? :mellow: (Please note the sarcasm) Can't really put a timeline on things like this. Because with that type of logic, a person who joined, say, February 2004 wouldn't be considered an oldbie if he continued playing till 2008. People know if they're an oldbie, middlebie, newbie, or whatever. They just do.
  22. Turn off chat logging

    There's a deeper reason why she wants to. Can't blame her reasoning either.
  23. Eternal PvP

    Dimov, that is a direct copy of the game 'Helbreath.' If this does get put in, atleast make it where someone never has to join either side because that's one of the things that made Helbreath a pitiful game -- you had to join a side or never level up past 20. Plus it breaks up numerous friendships.
  24. TheBigT is a bag stealer...

    You're like 12 and drunk. Would you like to make a buck for being a human target? I'm rusty.
  25. Black List.

    Because this is a dead list. People know you're a scammer though, don't worry.