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    Ask me :)
  1. Which was your biggest project ever?

    550k silver ore (with a lot of help). Keep setting higher goals: it can be done.
  2. Latest Android client (14/10/2013)

    Nice to see that EL was ported over to Android. Keep it up guys!
  3. So how are they working now - Part 1

    Maybe other folks could catch on and throw their own prizes into it?
  4. What was your first guild?

    GarD. I have enormous respect for NeoSeS because he put up with some serious drama for that guild.
  5. Yet another school shooting

    Ban guns and I'll move somewhere where they're not banned. I'm not giving up my right to defend myself against an armed criminal.
  6. Yet another school shooting

    Yeah.. my arm only reaches so far. Any run of the mill pistol is going atleast 700 feet without petering out. And most of the time, you aren't going to be shot at point blank.
  7. Yet another school shooting

    I'd sure hope not. I'm not sure I'm THAT good with a knife to fight a criminal who illegally obtained a gun.
  8. Beware of Marcus

    Well, it's possible he had his namechange and got rejoined because they didn't know it was him.
  9. Funniest video that I've seen this year

    He's one of a kind.
  10. Snowboarding, or Skiing?

    Never done it, but I'd probably go with snowboarding. Looks like more of a challenge.
  11. EL Lottery

    All it takes is 1 ticket. Any chance is a chance.
  12. Lottery - Week of 2007-01-15

    Uh oh. I started a trend of indecent behavior (gambling).
  13. EL Lottery

  14. EL Lottery

    Apparently a lot of jealousy here.