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  1. PB&J

    ateh & shannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!! <3 Woot I knew someone would come out of the woodwork hah. Aww I'm sorry to hear things feel apart I had a gossip from colej but not sure when he sent it :S I'll fill you in when I see you guys online, things have been very up and very down. Hope you are both doing well and can't wait to talk to you both, have missed you guys! I promise no more sudden mia's lol. I haven't joined any guilds, (not from a lack of people asking, a few have) just wanted to be in same as you all cause you guys were the best!
  2. PB&J

    Ok I'm back after a long vaca and the guild is sorta gone I found tess, popeye and his wife, but where did the rest of you fall off to? Queen can't seem to play PC wont let her (gotta help her sort that out lol) Mightys on again w00t. I heard a couple of you quit If any of you are still about msg me!!!!! I miss you guys, you were a really nice group of people. I'll be out of the country th 6th-15th. Be back on a few days later though. Hope to see some of you soon <3
  3. tiny_tim

    Eh tiny turd bjed me in the mines once. I've just learned to keep my items in inventory instead of sitting on them with him around.
  4. Little Dekke!

    Congratulations to both of you, remember to pamper and baby your wife for a bit. The after cramps are horrid heh.
  5. I love the new storage command as well. I don't have to read through 100 lines to see what all I have/need. Having to click on a tab doesn't bother me either.
  6. Tailoring and reality

    So glad I wasn't the only one. I was hoping that somehow (secret yet to be discovered perhaps) on making the looms. I don't buy threads, make my own. But the loom itself, ouch. Having to buy one every time you make fabric or simply buy the fabric seems to be the question now. I just buy the looms myself and make what I can on what gc I have. Then go back to doing something else to make more gc to buy more looms. I'd like to see the loom became a tool we could perhaps make (make it a not so easy task of course) knowledge required, and breakable. So you're not alone on this one. I'll still read the books, and lvl up my tailoring, as I have all my other skills. I'm just going to have to decide which skills I want to lvl and which will take a back burner to tailoring.
  7. the update

    So jealous you can all hear sounds Santa needs to bring me new speakers or a new sound card ha.
  8. Update Instructions

    Maybe it's just me but I don't understand why so many are having problems downloading the new client. If you were able to download the older version....
  9. the update

    I love the new updates I can see colour now like I couldn't before. Hella nice job guys, thank you Oi and who ever thought up the new storage command, "bows to you" i love it!
  10. Client keeps crashing

    Go to new char, select poor man under details, restart the game on your own char. Should work, no promises.
  11. Update Instructions

    http://www.eternal-lands.com/page/download.php Just click on the filefront IMAGE itself and download. If your on cable ie it should not take you more than 5mins to dl.
  12. NDD

    I didn't say take it out of EL, I said break it up on the map. 1 day, so many hours, different areas, giving everyone an equal chance to have the option of NDD.
  13. NDD

    I would be perfectly happy with NDD if it didn't cover every map. Break it up into sections over the entire day. What you have to remember is, not everyone is a fighter, or they lvl on a/d slower than most, ie they are more into alc,pots,magic. So it gives everyone an equal chance to get drops or go for the NDD option. NDD does benefit those on Isla however. It gives them a chance to build up their a/d a bit and not dropping benefits them as we all know they are poor beyond belief.
  14. NDD

    1. I'm not exactly new, I used to play a couple of years back and I came back to answer the first question. 2. I am NOT trying to upset anyone or offend, if I have I apologize. 3. I would just like to see it happen on certain maps at certain times. Not all over. 4. I am all for improving the game, which it obviously has had some great ones that I've seen since I came back. 5. There is a difference of complaining and forming an opinion. Obviously people will have them whether they agree with anyone else or not.
  15. NDD

    I'm not sure why we keep having the NDD in game? I thought the entire purpose of the game was that you take the chance of dropping when you train. That's what always made it a challenge, or so I thought anyhow, as with anything you do in the game. (Ie loss of items while man,craft..) I realize it was usually a once a week thing, which I really didn't mind, I could do other things instead, but it's not something I really want to see happening all the time via vote kill this mob ie. Please don't take away the challenge/chance of dropping. Especially for those who really enjoy getting their furs ie on drop, not having to take a day or more off to do other things because of NDD.