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  1. Naruto

    Yu Yu is one of those kick bash scream demon fighting animes. It's almost as old as me, but the story line and the characters are just so likeable... Chances are you'd like it too, not about ninjas but Yusuke is hilarious and loveable. :)Plenty of good fighting scenes and whatnot... and the writer married the writer of Sailor Moon! </end fangirl rant> I have to say though, my favourite Naruto episode is where they try to see what's underneath Kakashi's mask... Good fun. ^^
  2. Naruto

    I love Yu Yu (and you spelt it right ^^). Sorry, just putting it out there... I was a fan of Naruto, but then it just got confusing. Yu Yu on the other hand... Is amazing.
  3. Apologize

    You haven't personally done anything wrong against me, but I have heard from some of my friends about incidents with you. However, I am really glad you've apologised and as has been said before, it will take some time for people to learn to trust you, but you have taken the right step. I guess I just wanted to give you some encouragement. ^^
  4. I'd like to participate too. Maryn in game, and a girl in both worlds at that. ^^
  5. I'd like to help. Ingame name is Maryn, And I'm a girl in both worlds.
  6. Runescape o0

    I used to be an old time Runescape player. I started in about 2001 then left the game for extended periods of time. I think it's pretty different from EL though, it's so much easier to play and get rich IMO and that's not necessarily a good thing. Everyone walks around in full rune (I never played on a p2p server xD) and I don't see that happening anytime soon here with dragon armours. Yes, you have tele and a pk server but RS is just... Crowded. And spammy. The setting's so different and... Y'know? Trust me, there is nothing more awkward than being a girl irl, having a male char in RS and having this happen to you... Girl: Hey sexi. Wanna b mi bf? Me: I'm a girl. Girl: Take off helm. I took myself off pretty quickly after that.
  7. What s your name in elvish or hobbit

    Elf: Morwen Telperiën Hehe, and check out my Hobbit one: Sweetpea Maggot Had a bit of a giggle. ^^ Methinks I prefer the former...
  8. Wedding!

    My goodness!!!!!!!! Congratulations, and the best of luck to you two!! I will do my utmost best to take a break from this studying to cheer at your wedding, hehe. Love, Maryn.
  9. BoC Wedding: CanCowgirl and Zenphon

    Hehe, congratz guys, hope you had a lot of fun.
  10. P2P expiration, 5 October

    Hey, I'd like to know when mine expires too, Maryn in game. Thanks.
  11. Buying coord removing stones

    I have a coord stone as well, Maryn in game. PM me
  12. Until we meet again my beloved Katryel

    I also am terribly sorry for your loss, my condolances and prayers that you will be strong in this sad time.
  13. favorite beatles song?

    Help. Anyone seen Across the Universe?
  14. Real Life Imitating EL

    I just... Y'know?
  15. Is entropy batman?

    Funny... I just watched Batman Forever last night. Maybe he's a ninja in a batmobile so fast no one has ever seen it.
  16. Removal Stones - where did you find one?

    My first removal stone, instinct in titanium ore at PL. Rather happy now.
  17. CoL is now recruiting!

    Isn't a martyr somone who died for there faith and a saint is a person who has gone through the 3 stages of (forgotten what is was called) and then deemed a saint by the Pope. I just personally think if your going to advertise yourself as a christain guild, you should not use sacred terms in incorrect ways and should be setting the example for other christain players. Arrow I don't think the names for the guild ranks are intentionally blasphemous, if you keep it in perspective with the game. Personally, I think God would be pleased people are willing to speak out and proclaim their faith openly. Which is setting the example for other Christian players, no? And God bless, good luck with CoL. Too bad I'm much too in love with mine to leave. :/
  18. About the worship points, what about the godless people? Or would that make godless an even more negative perk?
  19. Whats your Favourite song at the Moment?

    'Like Knives' by City and Colour. It's a side project by one of the members of Alexisonfire. Both good bands. Also been listening to Emery, 'Walls' and 'Rock-N-Rule'. Anberlin is by far my favourite band though.
  20. In Memoriam

    May she be at peace with God, my deepest condolences to her family and friends.
  21. Dark Blue

    Prologue. “It is said that Elves always walk in a light akin to the glow of the Moon. Their hair is like spun gold, woven silver or polished jet, and starlight glimmers all about them on their hair, eyes, silken clothes and jewelled hands.” – From a Bestiary, Anon. She woke in pain, sharp pain that danced across her forehead in antagonising tendrils. On another quiet night with the sheets pooled around her body, the young elf unconsciously entwined slender hands together and stared at the blank wall opposite her bed. From her bedroom upstairs she heard her mother working away at the potions and the essences which sustained them and their upkeep, and despite her fear she felt a reluctance to intrude on her mother’s peace. Looking beyond the open window, a night wind crept through and ruffled her hair, touching, soothing her sweaty neck and brushed away the last of her fears. She turned, and slept. Part One. The sun hung high and touched Maryn’s face with the most intrusive of rays, resulting in an elf who stumbled around, dressing. There was no mistaking the time, the room was flooded with light and with a sense of fear she pounded downstairs with hands trailing on the banister. "Morning, Maryn." Her mother didn't look up from her mortar and pestle and a twinge of guilt fluttered through her stomach when her eyes landed on a spotless duplicate of the tool. She hastily tied her locks with a ribbon fished from her pocket and began pounding away at blue quartz in earnest, when she was interrupted by a light reminder to have breakfast. "We're going to the Markets, I'd like you to get ready." Maryn put down her utensils and crept upstairs again, the guilt weighing even heavier than before on an already burdened mind. She had neither forgotten nor made sense of the previous night's events yet, as she gazed into her mirror; there was no sign of physical illness in her face. The same deep brown eyes, the same swathes of hair framing her face. Dark blue, the hair was, an odd, unique and extremely unnatural shade that contrasted against her naturally pale skin. Her ears were covered, purposely, for instead of the long pointed ears that elves boast, Maryn owned an oddly rounded version. Her mother was obviously an elf, mother and daughter had the same elongated, graceful features so that no one could dispute their race but the ears and hair colour were quite simply a mystery. After a more appropriate, less worn tunic was chosen and her favourite moon necklace entwined her neck, she rushed to help pack up the goods, thousands of spirit restorations and health essences were stowed away in safety and she nodded at the neighbour, who would take them on the back of the cart. --- "Ye don't want to be caught in those mines, ye never know what type of miners there'll be." The elderly elf said, with a patronising smile directed at Maryn. Sheltered she had been from an early age, she had known very few playmates who weren't elves and when in the busier parts of town, she had never been able to roam in the streets without a guardian hanging off her arm. She longed to break into the conversation about the economy and ask about her tortured nights when inevitably, the horses stopped and tossed their heads at some unseen danger. "Wolves." The elder jumped down and withdrew a rather rustic looking sword, causing the girl to bite down on her lips to repress laughter. Instead, she mouthed words that held no conscious meaning for her and as the horses quietened, so did her two companions. Her mother looked at her sharply but did not dare reproach her in front of a stranger and Maryn was left to her thoughts as the cart bumped and trundled along. The passing trees and wildlife held no interest to her as thoughts crowded her brain, why she could always sense the wolves she could not explain. There seemed to be a peculiar understanding between her and the animals, and her very favourite moon necklace was taken from the den of a wolf. After hoarding her treasure for days, she had finally summoned the courage to approach her mother about it but received nothing but a sad smile and a, 'it's beautiful'. --- When the glaring morning sun finally receded, the cart had approached the hustle and bustle of the Markets. People of all different races rushed about, voices calling, telling customers that their goods were cheaper and indeed of higher quality than others. Maryn gazed about her in fascination, fingers suddenly itching for a pencil and paper to record this scene that was so much different to her home life. They reached the stand they shared and as her mother began arranging items on the counter, she was giving a small purse of coins and was told to walk with 'Uwe' amongst the stalls. "It was very kind of you to bring my mother and I here," Maryn spoke formally and yet her eyes flickered from the clothes to the swords, the foods to the jewellery, her sharp sight drinking in the details and the vivacity of the environment. Uwe the elder had given her an equally courteous answer when she realised she had been walking too quickly for him; she was alone. Though the noises had ever increased in volume, her twisting of her head and yells for his attention brought her nothing but unwanted attention from strangers. She hung her head and tried to blend in, however her frantic yells had attracted leering smiles and grim faces all alongside her. Maryn walked fast, her feet turning in the opposite direction her sightseeing had brought her when she realised the yelling was only getting louder, and it was coming from a fighting arena. Intrigued, nervous and overwhelmingly curious she touched the edge of the crowd and watched the two fighters circle each other. With armour, shields and strangely glowing weapons and all the two humans paced, lunged, and dodged to the overpowering screams of the crowd. She couldn't figure out why her attention was drawn onto the older, wearier fighter, until she realised his hair was a precise shade of dark blue.
  22. Dark Blue

    Awh, Guin! I will definately chase you up about those books, I've been writing abit but I'm not quite happy with it.... Teehee, BoC pride! Thank you.
  23. Dark Blue

    Hey Anna, Sorry for the late reply, I haven't checked here for awhile... But, thank you! Any critism is great, sometimes you just don't see parts of the story that may be confusing, so yeah it is really helpful. So; "..antagonizing tendrils" - did you mean agonizing ? I thought I might try a different spin on pain, as if it's there to irritate you rather than be fully 'agony'. "..sustained them and their upkeep" - both sustain and upkeep mean essentially the same thing, maintain or maintenance I guess I should change that, teehee. "..resulting in an angry elf who stumbled around like the dead" -how do the dead stumble around? and this paragraph and the next have her moving from anger to fear to guilt, what is she really feeling? I was thinking, since this is a fantasy story I can't really talk about zombies... That part, I was being silly and trying to show another bit of ordinary-ness- the inability of most people to get up elegantly and happily in the morning- she's just angry at getting up, then she remembers the night before- then she feels guilty about not helping her Mum. "..the same swathes of hair" - a swath is a mowed strip...is her hair shorn next to her face? LOL! I though 'swathe', as in a swathe, drape of cloth. "..take my mother and I here" - bring? Ah, probably. "Intrigued, nervous and devastatingly curious she touched the edge of the crowd..." - intrigued and curious are essentially the same, and devastatingly? maybe overwhelmingly, which is an alternate meaning but devastate calls to mind destruction to me..."she touched the edge" - reached the edge perhaps? Well, devastatingly curious- as in dangerously curious, curiousity killed the cat? I will probably edit that out, I can see how that's confusing though. "Armour, shields and strangely glowing weapons and all the two humans paced...." - is there a word missing? I'm not sure what you were trying to say with this sentence. Maybe, 'With armour, shields and strangely glowing weapons, the two humans paced'. "She couldn't figure out why her attention was drawn onto the older..." - drawn to? the older, and if his hair is the same as hers, "odd, unique and extremely unnatural" then this seems hard to believe. ".. a dazed elf was left between the hordes of dissipating men and she was left to survey the arena..." - was left repetitious. "..awkwardness crackled in the air between her.." - between them? I think I will change all that, =D. "Disaster." - seems out of place, what was the disaster? When she revealed her non-pointed ears, but I guess that was a bit dramatic. "..the weary face of the older man.." - previously he was described "..his recent battle didn't seem to have curbed his energy or his pace", seems incongruous. Maryn then seems to have walked away from her father to overhear Uwe and her mother discussing her, but it is not clear. Ah, I see! Yeah, those first two things are discrepancies and I will change them, and I will try to rewrite the ending so it is clearer- she does walk away and eavedrop on her Mum and Uwe. It definately is a beginning, and thanks again for the feedback, I'll edit the beginning and hopefully get a 3rd part up soon. Maryn. _____ Hey Enly, It very much is the start of a spiel! Yeah, it is too short to be a stand alone so I better get writing, lol. Thank you heaps for reading and the encouragement . Maryn.
  24. Which part of the brain do you use more?

    Lol, well I don't have the attention span to squint and tilt my head for more than 5 minutes either.
  25. Which part of the brain do you use more?

    Very right. I can't even change the direction of the dancer; but yeah it should be true because I spend most of my time writing and doodling on corners.