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  1. Protolif got banned for hax0ring

    Personally, I don't think age matters. Only intention. He knew what he was doing was wrong, and kept at it anyway. And giving the dev's the code (then everyone else in EL) wasn't to redeem himself, it was a big F*U* to the programmers. People like him don't stop at stealing online items. When they see how easy it is to hack a character ID, they move right up to people ID's and bank accounts, then companies, and government... etc. His type don't stop. It's too fun (and profitable) a challenge. If he's an American, as you think he is, Entropy, then he should also know American courts have deemed the theft of online items is still theft, and prosecutable. He needs to be stopped and made into an example. Don't waste too much time on the police, it's the FBI who deals with online thefts. Contact them. They WILL do something. It will help a lot more if the players who were hacked by him also contact the FBI, and contacting a lawyer is also a very good idea. It doesn't matter if he didn't take much from you, or took everything you had, it's the principle of it. He shouldn't be allowed to get away with it, and it will deter others from trying in the future. My 2 cents. Just want to protect the players and the game.
  2. Messenger Bot sign-up list

    LoVE Laborers of Valiant Expertise L_c
  3. Protolif got banned for hax0ring

    Stealing online items IS a crime and punishable. I don't have the url now, but I remember seeing an article a couple months ago where someone hacked someone elses account and stole the characters items. The guy who got hacked reported it, the hacker was caught, and prosecuted. The judge fined him heavily and I believe even gave him jail time for it. Bottom line, Protolif can get into RL trouble for hacking and stealing if the players he hacked choose to go after him. I say go for it!
  4. Testing server

    This is HyperIdle. Right-click, save as, then specify msvcp71.dll, THEN, click the drop down box and select all files, insteadof HTM. ^.^
  5. PKable Tankel?

    lol! That's why he would have to be really easy to beat. To make sure that can't happen.
  6. Since Tankel is on everyone's PK list anway... I suggest every time he breaks something that he be made pkable until he's killed, then respawns again in the same place non-pkable and ready to fix/break the next item. He would have to be easy to kill, so anyone could do it and no one gains exp from him. I honestly can't see any disadvantages in this. It would make losing items much easier to accept, and the person whose stuff Tankel broke would feel great getting back at him. Players could take out their frustrations on the spot rather than complaining to everyone everywhere.
  7. IP snowman

    I know. It's the thought that counts.
  8. Since players are able to harvest veggies from the snowmans nose, doesn't it also make sense that we should also be able to harvest coal from his eyes? I would like to see this feature implemented.
  9. "free Stuff Please"

    heal me plx heal me plx heal me plx heal me plx *heal me plx went to the same place goldy the goldfish went (OOPS! misclick, didn't mean to heal that rabbit you were attacking! hehehe)
  10. Artificer Perk?

    I used to get an average amount of efe's before I got artificer, and right after made like 83k fe in a few weeks and didn't get a single efe. Of course, I have by far the worst luck in the game for efe. I do seem to get more of everything else, tho, and I did make a modable steel long thanks to artificer. I think the excitement I felt when I made that sword was worth the 7 pp and 2k gp, although I really really wish I could make efe's. I use a lot of them!
  11. Tankel Is A Butthead!

    Personally, I'd like to see a pkable Tankel bot. Leave the NPC where he is, but make a look-alike pkable bot who is low lvl enough for everyone to take their frustrations out on. Possibly with a twist? Is there a way to make him appear next to the real tankel only when he breaks something? And only stay there til he's killed? Then disappear off into cyberspace til the next time tankel breaks something. Or even make the real tankel pkable when he breaks something, only to reappear as soon as he dies in the same place and non-pkable again. Until the next break... I think that would be really fun since he breaks everything of mine, unless I show him a little "leg" first. LOL
  12. Ants were annoying. Don't bring them back unless they are pkable on all maps.
  13. This Is My Reward.

    I'll happily vouch for LL too. I've known him for quite some time now, and I know very well he is not a bag jumper. Just the opposite. He'll freely give his own stuff, even all he has, before he would steal so much as a fruit from anyone. There is no one in this game more honerable than LochnessLobster is.
  14. Welcome Back Rogue ;)

    Great to see you back, Rogue.
  15. Marco1

    He's done it again. He stole a bag HyperIdle was making for me at raven tonight. Everyone told him to move, he ignored everyone and cleaned out the entire bag, then logged off. He did NOT return anything. HyperIdle was so pissed about it he's quitting EL for good. People like marco1 are driving everyone away, and it's getting worse now with the flood of teenagers from runescape coming in who know nothing but scamming, stealing and lying. It's very sad to see.