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  1. we could implement coffee beans which could be used with mortar and pestle and then used with other ingredients to make a potion that increases Reaction, Perception and Rationality.
  2. Favorite Game Of the Moment

    You forgot to mention that you need other Valve Source games to play any of the decent servers that are around, as they usually borrow textures and models from Counter-Strike Day of Defeat and Team Fortress 2.

    Merry Christmas from Guild Meh. if that is still our tag
  4. Australians - Electronic Freedom Project

    ...... ffs. Im moving to Canada screw this country.
  5. Don't Try To Help Rutuliukas.

    Lol. Fail lure. Galvin i left the cake in the pk cave.
  6. Boycott Learner

    Learner is awesome. I actually laughed when i heard about this thread, Its not like he owns EVERY rostogol in EL, so why are you complaining?
  7. Eternal Lands Misfits

    Dont Join.
  8. Server Crash?

    Hey, is anyone else having problems connecting to the server? i was afk for a few minutes and when i got back it wouldnt connect, Demon_Mage informed me the same thing happened to him So whats happening?
  9. Regarding the Echo 'hax'

    Indeed, How are you sposed to BroD a guild that doesnt move off IP? GL though.
  10. Regarding the Echo 'hax'

    hehehehe. Believe what you want, you dont know what really happened
  11. Regarding the Echo 'hax'

    Edited out
  12. Regarding the Echo 'hax'

    I think its the rule about being drunk on skype? More or less, rule 4.
  13. Regarding the Echo 'hax'

    Edited out
  14. Regarding the Echo 'hax'

    You make an ass of you and me? or something like that, right? (err maybe thats just Assume, You make and Ass of u and me)
  15. Regarding the Echo 'hax'

    Frost <3
  16. Regarding the Echo 'hax'

    Yes this is me, the evil guy that tooks it. (Btw: i like mudkipz)
  17. Regarding the Echo 'hax'

    I strongly agree with dilly too, stupid teenager, probably got kicked out of school a few weeks ago.
  18. Server Crash?

    Taking bets on how long it will remain on.
  19. Server Crash?

    they've got a bill gates and they're broding internet routers OH SHI-
  20. Server Crash?

    Im having so much fun *goes back to playing minesweeper*
  21. Server Crash?

    Id just like to state, that i blame the gnomes. not up for me Yaser
  22. Server Crash?

    Yeah you should go to bed, i just gonna make Korrode lose another few rosto's... spoke to soon, its down again
  23. Server Crash?

    Oh gosh, its dead again and LOL! at Korrode.
  24. Server Crash?

    Hey, Guys, Not to kick you when your down, but i warned you about this. I drew that a week or so ago. Hey its not my fault my visions happen to be stick figures! Also alot more realistic then http://www.the-beam.net/Comic10.png
  25. Server Crash?

    We still get HP loss and rosto loss? yes? Also, how come i was the first one to disconnect by a few minutes? [12:23:45 AM] Suskie: OI [12:23:50 AM] Suskie: EL crash for you? [12:24:30 AM] ****: nope [12:24:40 AM] Suskie: wont let me connect.. [12:24:42 AM] ****: but i gtg school in 1 hour and i have a 3 page paper due [12:24:48 AM] Suskie: ok, cya [12:25:14 AM] Suskie: wait [12:25:16 AM] ****: lol same here, it did cut off XD [12:25:21 AM] Suskie: it did? [12:25:24 AM] ****: yea