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  1. Your idea to change your password is excellent, I suggest you and klets do that, and to something that is not guessable by people who know you. Who is Darling?

    I can whitelist you which will let only the characters names I add to that list play from your location.



    1. Darling is my 10 year old daughter and as far as i know we have your permission for her to play el.


    2. We appreciate your help in this matter and you have our permission to add the following names on your whitelist:

    Klets = my husband

    Andante = me

    Darling = my daughter

    Stompie = my brother that comes and visit us once a year and i also believe that we have ask your permission for him to play el on our IP.


    Aislinn can you please assist us or send us instructions on how to change our passwords.


    I would also like to take this oppertunity to thank you for helping us and was so quick to pick the problem a job well done!!!

  2. Brad|Heinrich is banned. He isn't allowed any characters.

    He keeps coming ingame bypassing his ban, both on your IP and on your IP range. I don't know if you have the same isp or not, but I do know that he has been on your exact IP as well.



    I cant understand how he do it, we live in different towns he is about 70 kilometers from us, how can it be that he is on our IP-Range, could it be that we make use of the same Company (TELKOM SA) that gives South Africans a line to connect to the internet. Our ISP is Atlantic and i dont know who his ISP is. What suggestions do u have.

  3. It seems you have a very dynamic IP.

    You were trying to log on from a banned range due to somebody else that is banned.



    Aislinn i dont think we Andante, Klets and Darling did anything wrong. All that i can think of that could maybe happend is that Klets brother's son (Heinrich, Brad, elf) same person tried to lock on on 1 of our caracters.

    He is a 12 year old hyper active boy and is very clever with computers. We warned him several times that he must asked for permission if he wants more then 1 caracter and that the caracters is not allowed to trade with each other.

    The last time that they were visiting us Klets caught him that he tried to create a caracter on our computers and Klets stoped him immediatly. I dont know if he figured out our passwords. Is their a way to change our passwords, if you decide to let us play again what must we do to prevent this in future. We are very sorry for the inconvienance.