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  1. Many Improvements

    Ok, I played this game for a while, and came up with a bunch of improvements that i think would make the game look way better. 1. add some life to the game, get some non-attackable creatures to make the game feel not so dull. And add some life to the characters. the problem i see is, no matter what you do you always have this perfect posture, and i think that kinda sucks. 2. For fighting, here is the biggest of my ideas. Take away the engagements. take away diss rings(of course). Add a run button, take away the run potions, have the run drain your food as normal, maybe make a atribute that increases your run speed. 3. Magic. The magic system really needs some improvements. add some AOE's, add a paralize spell or somthing, give all the spells a bit better animation. All of these ideas i think would make th game way better, if done right, anyone agree with me?
  2. hatred again

    I was sitting at dpa to day and hatred asked to FF and this is what happend. [11:19:49] [PM from HAtred: ff?] [11:19:58] [PM to HAtred: att/def?] [11:20:07] [PM from HAtred: 30/28] [11:20:24] [PM to HAtred: idk] [11:20:52] [PM from HAtred: come] [11:20:57] [PM from HAtred: just try] [11:21:48] Only those under level 40 attack & defense can PK here. [11:21:53] Only those under level 40 attack & defense can PK here. [11:21:56] You were killed by HAtred [11:21:56] EdwardElric is now answering an age-old question. [11:21:57] You have died and gone to the Underworld! [11:22:07] [PM to HAtred: lol] [11:22:33] [PM to HAtred: i need more training] [11:27:13] [PM to HAtred: can i have my stuff?] [11:28:28] [PM from HAtred: get bag] [11:29:50] [PM from HAtred: in bag ur sword] [11:30:01] [PM to HAtred: ya right] [11:30:21] [PM to HAtred: y don't you just give it to me?] [11:30:27] [PM from HAtred: in bag...] [11:31:20] [PM to HAtred: give me back my stuff] [11:31:33] [PM to HAtred: or i report you to outlaws] [11:31:44] [PM to HAtred: it was a ff remember?] [11:31:51] [PM from HAtred: im scrammer] [11:32:09] [PM to HAtred: ya, you also have bad spelling] [11:32:18] [PM to HAtred: ] [11:33:50] [PM to HAtred: give me my stuff] [11:35:22] [PM to HAtred: dude] [11:35:27] [PM to HAtred: i need it back] [11:36:24] [PM to HAtred: dude!!] [11:36:36] [PM to HAtred: give back] [11:36:42] [PM from HAtred: no ;D] [11:36:46] [PM to HAtred: y?] [11:36:54] [PM to HAtred: i get you on outlaws] [11:37:09] [PM from HAtred: im in outlaws] [11:37:15] [PM to HAtred: so no one fight you again] [11:37:15] [PM from HAtred: 2-3 posts ;p] [11:37:32] [PM from HAtred: 1 post today] [11:37:55] [PM to HAtred: well you get another] [11:38:02] [PM from HAtred: ok ] [11:38:09] [PM from HAtred: thx :] this dude is evil and not to be trusted!
  3. I think PK is dead, Who's with me?

    I think he is trying to say we need to remove pk limit from EL. Seems like a good idea imho.
  4. sunday war

    Is someone going to film it? i'd like to see but i'd get pwned -Ed
  5. Selling

    HI, i'm selling: white robe->20k white skirt-> 20k 683 bones->1k sorry, kida a boring sale.
  6. Selling/Buying

    I'll sell you 1k bones for 3 gc each thats all i have.
  7. Selling my Spear

  8. Quck Idea

    Only high levels to prevent someone from making alt(s) just to kill them off so the main earns PK points. I thought it was kinda ilegal to pvp on same ip
  9. Quck Idea

    Um I truely think that anyone can get pk points for killing players. Why do only the high levels get em? Seems kinda un-fair :*( I don't see any harm in this idea but plz help me out a little
  10. Selling some stuff

    price for MoL?
  11. Birthday party for BleedingSoul

    Sounds uber. I hope i can come (happy birthday!!)
  12. Selling

  13. 18/11/07 Invasion Pics

    rofl I was out pking when all this was happening!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am pissed at my self! lol
  14. BUYING

    i pay (about) 5k each. And extrapolation, u have tit serpent sword for 10k cotten and conjerour cape for 5k but they cost the same
  15. BUYING

    I'm buying. 1 tit serpent sword. 1 iron greaves. 1 iron cuasses. (I can only buy 2 of the items listed the third will take a little longer :/)