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    votd in the mines hiding t'ill it's dark
  1. metal thread

    Hammerfall Gamma Ray Rammstein Children of Bodom (not so much tho)
  2. The way keyboards *should* be

    Clicky here Anyone want a new keyboard?
  3. L&O Has no Honor (guild info discrepancie?)

    Well, pking people who are training, enemy or not, is and will always be low..
  4. Can't play

    You're abit late, I already did my exam this morning. Anyway, I think my exam of french will be ok. Exam of bookkeeping will probably hold a more or less crappy theory part, but my actual bookkeeping stuff should be fine. And finally the exam of maths... I'll probably make it over 50% but I'm not expecting a huge result...
  5. Should watch out when I give my newbie guide to a classmate then when maybe she'll start playing.
  6. Favorite Bands.

    Hammerfall, Gamma Ray, Rammstein, Children of Bodom and err... Weird Al Yankovic
  7. L&O Has no Honor (guild info discrepancie?)

    Hmm, believe Lucifer or believe LadyWolf.... Seeing as there is no real proof of anything that was said.. I'll stick to believeing Lucifer, only because he's an old-guildie of mine though. Not because I like *CO*, before another goes attacking me for being on the "bad" side.
  8. teh offical car thread

    I either drive my feet or a bicycle.
  9. Can't play

    Yea, I get what you mean, I'm in an exam period atm so I'm focusing on that first anyway. It's only 3 exams though.. but still. I think so far they're going ok. Tomorrow is the last.. Its a maths exam so everyone please keep your fingers crossed for me. If my grades friday of the past month are ok, I'll be online again next week.
  10. Can't play

    Yea, but untill my grades get better, I need a different way to avoid it.
  11. Can't play

    I think my bro cares more about my grades then about his money stack. And Learner, thans but no, I'm currently looking for ways to avoid the stupid firewall.
  12. Can't play

    Sucks I still can't play even though the server is back up. Stupid parents made my brother block EL with the firewall because my school grades are crappy.
  13. New stuff! ^¬^

    Cool stuff mate, when I download one of em I can hardly wait for it to finish so I can listen to another.
  14. What's wrong with this pic?

    Wow, Learner grew up?
  15. PK ing

    Thats not true nitager, I survived like 7-8 blows from smooms his thermal while naked.