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  1. - Thermal Serpent Sword -

    yeah i've seen some who payed 600k for it...
  2. Elbot

    can i use the programm scite to make a bot, with the programm ELBot? this is the link: http://scintilla.sourceforge.net/SciTEDownload.html Windows Installers An installer that includes extensions contributed by Bruce Dodson.
  3. Elbot

    thanks for the info
  4. Gambling Bot

    hi, i want to make a gambling bot just like mrmcjoke and i wonder if that costs any money? thanks, hades
  5. Gambling Bot

    thank you for the info
  6. Screenies Of Roanof Island!

    here they are: http://img2.uploadimages.net/show.php?img=352845roanof1.jpg http://img2.uploadimages.net/show.php?img=375593roanof2.jpg http://img2.uploadimages.net/show.php?img=066000roanof3.jpg http://img2.uploadimages.net/show.php?img=190242roanof4.jpg it was a prize from LV because i was 2nd at the marathon. enjoy the screens _TDC_hades_L_
  7. Janemuffin Cloak

    ok willy wankoff, i'm gonna make my own dark plate, maybe u like that more
  8. Funny Quote

    lol what a noob
  9. The Eternal Marathon

    i'm in, if i make it on time , but i think i can...
  10. Don pawnage ~!~~!~!

    i would post a pic of 1 doberman raped by 5 chihuahua's because that's way more funny. donp is the doberman, because he is the strongest, so your attempt to let -ef- feel guilty because of this isn't really working with this... EDIT: point is that -ef- is happy they beat ^v^ in the war and they wanted to let u guys know. and that comes with "we raped and spanked donp" just to show off how great they all are because they are better then ^v^. and since donp declared the war i really don't mind this at all. (neither do i dislike donp, he's a great guy)
  11. The Eternal War

    shyt i can't on that saturday <_<
  12. The Most Beautifull

    i know some polish ppl, small boobs :lol:
  13. i've noticed that the alchemy failure went up a lot, that's kind of a good idea, also with potion and harvesting. But when some1 told me u were planning to do this with magic too, i didn't think that was a good idea, magic is WAY harder to train then alchemy or potion, so to do this with magic isn't a good idea. i'm having trouble surviving now in training, or in KF...
  14. Failure Ratings On Alchemy, Potion And More

    that's my point, i was failing a lot be4 , but now i fail 5x in a row sometimes, so i don't survive trainings sometimes
  15. Show a pic of yourself!

    Whoa great pics. Where were u for my whole el life WHOA do you think your ugly? your insane your H-O-T
  16. Bots, How Do I Make 1?

    heyas, i want to make a trading bot, can some1 explain how to do this? i wanna make it something like linux
  17. Photoshop Art

    just wanna start a topic with some nice photoshop things in here, some pics, or little animations, show that u can do, and with what programm u can do that heres something i made quickly... {^^}
  18. Photoshop Art

    i like your new siggy and avatar 2
  19. Are You On The Riaa Hitlist?

    didn't know this, better delete kazaa then ^_^
  20. Show a pic of yourself!

    sorry for that 3ple post and guess again ^_^
  21. Ban :(

    lol, i don't know what some ppl have agains u...
  22. i got banned without joining, please un-ban me!

    u know... all that isp stuff i don't understand..
  23. arrogant ungrateful fucks? Entropy?

    what is your problem dude, u mentally insane?
  24. k im bored. please unban me:)

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA (sorry for spam)
  25. Weasel_ninja

    i dont hate him... me neither...