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  1. A Question For The Guys In Charge

    oke... so u screw us 1 by 1.... Oke.. so we trow down manu speed and harvest speed... this slows down all alchemy, so less EFE we slow down manu exp cause we make stuff worthless and then last and surtenly least we stop make people get cash... WHY DONT U GUYS SEE U SCREW ANYONE WITHOUT THIS STUFF!!! someone with high manu just turns to another skill and still catches LOADS of money for manu... other people will never reach those levels, cause wanted stuff is now lousier stuff aswell and books often costs much for axes, serps etc. COME ON GUYS, THIS GAME used to be fantastic.. it goed down by the month!
  2. Thankyou

    Going to test it now... u saved my life
  3. Leveling Up

    heey its no use... if u want to high level harvest (for anyone thats something else) u miss a damn lot + have the slowwwwww harvest... u can hardly get more then 120 items in an hour (lets say tit ore.... i had 1k per hour allmost a while ago :S) so lol.. the whole cap is no use
  4. Manufacturing Problems

    I use 1 tit chain and 1 tit serp each week... but if i'd play for a month id need a LOAD of extra gold (or 8 efe, which would mean atleast 50k fe... with this harvesting that cost me the other 11 months of the year....) so lets get back to slaughtering orcs with wooden hammers... come on...
  5. Woot Learner's Bot Is Hitting On Me

    forgot a few bots... the GDC_, LNX_, EF_, and SEGV_messenger are made by antiroot teh banned 0n3na programmed linux (i think) the ants are the great work of learner (did they start the invasion yet?) Nera is ours!!! (i love segv) Adarah belongs to Rivan Warriors
  6. What Is Up W/harvesting?

    See now I think that sucks. MMO's are games where you can master stuff in a weeks time. But whatever, I'm not going to argue. LOL i play this for months now.. putted many, many hours in it (i bet allready over 1000 hours...) and im still average char... so that isnt really what i said.. i meant that u get to have a start in 2/3 hours.. not a possibility to be rich! ow and btw... ur allready arguing with that post :P:P
  7. What Is Up W/harvesting?

    1. U used to be able to start make some stuff in 2 or 3 hours.. now it cost u 2 or 3 hours to just GET resources for a few essences !!! 2. When i was a newb it took me 3 hours to get to 25 harvest... not 7 days... 3. it still sux!!!!
  8. What Is Up W/harvesting?

    I know what ur talking about... most games take ages to make stuff.. but u can make stuff as an extra game-part... THIS GAME WAS MEANT TO BE BALANCED... all good games where u were meant to be able to do lots of things without fighting (i name u fairyland as an example) harvest way faster then this + now it looks more like a way to big extra!!!! in this game most people worry more about making stuff then fighting... and thats the only thing that DIDNT change with ALL(!!!) of the changes since Entropy left!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Devolopement Team

    simply question to that one - NO!!!!- i took a 2 week break, came back, got told about this.. tried it... 3 sec for 1 veggie.. thats around 1/3th of the old time... I bet learner forgot to check if it would work before bombing us... and ow yeah.... THIS SUX! Like this... this'll be my goodbye Silencio
  10. What Is Up W/harvesting?

    Yeah like freeone said... ISN't the idea of this game to make cash... people will pay it when they like it ... NOT when u stopped a FEW people with unfair positions... take 2% down like it should... not 100% cause ur not thinking!!!! i was sure id play the P2P version a while ago (even bought a t-shirt)... with the nature damage.. no change ... this... keep it and count me out... this is no fun anymore... if i wanna fight all the time there are dozens of games that worked out the fighting better... i play this cause the game WAS well balanced... hope u guys descrew it ... or its goodbye for me and many more of us! Silencio
  11. Nooby No Armour

    i do skels and gobs naked.. check my stats via online players and just choose someone, then change the name to silencio et voila
  12. ...

    Daxon now i think of it.... did u beam or did u get teleported.. like Ent said.. it should be the beam me up... Then i did it myself (ur fault Wytter )
  13. ...

    which ruins inventories probably cause we dont teleport ourselfs... and tropicana.. i got hell of a lot common sense.. and IM 100% sure nothing happened in the two minutes i was back in IP when i saw it... so only 2 possibilities are teleporting and NI... figure it out
  14. ...

    itsa worse.. Newbie island killed my inv aswell (not IP, newbie island) so that has killed u.. not an rollback or whatever
  15. Tarsengaard

    Ow come on, these people does this (partly) for fun.. they cant really make a living out of it anyway AND ent or roja told in several interviews that the main purpose isnt to add items, but to debug etc. .. so stuff like this ISNT highest priority i guess