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  1. Please Delete Account "newton"

    Woot - I'd never expected such a "nice" language in an offical forum (rather in a flames one)... But I found an interesting post here. Remember your post MikeH? But the really nasty interesting part is the next step: If people said that they're innocent and you cannot prove their failures they will be banned. Nice next step. Just curious! Edit: Btw. I really share your opinion (the 2nd quote)
  2. Please Delete Account "newton"

    I'll play eternal-lands since ~ 2/3 month now. I didn't heared something about MoonShadow before neither I knew that he's an admin.As I told Newton about the game he started to play it some weeks after I started to play it. Maybe he didn't know that he's an admin too.
  3. Please Delete Account "newton"

    As you can see in the topic replies, he answered your post about one hour later. Maybe the Mod's should send some sort of message which is differently from a normal pm. This would indicate to player's that they have to answer right now the pm. Some sort of yellow / pink messages so everybody know's that the origin of the message is a mod. I'm overall disappointed about this case. I often played el with Newton together. Sometimes we created a bunch of iron bar's together or have some fun fighting goblin's in the caves. He also runs the same bot (Angsul) like I do. He was always acting fair to me. Even on the date of his ban I talked with him. I don't get the point that Newton was banned just in time without a try to clarify this with him. I spent some time looking at the other threads in the Bans forum. I saw that other players get second chances even if they say that they use second accounts to help them or they did macro harvesting in bags. They even now play eternal-lands in case everyone knows that they have cheated in the past. To me this doesn't look fair neither I can understand you ban politics. Some more information about ban politics would be nice. Just think about that in the (near) future this game goes to a state where player's will pay for it. Then it wouldn't be very attractive for new player's to pay for it when they knew from the forum that they could be banned without having done something bad. Construct
  4. If You Want To Have A Bot

    My Bot Blacketeer sells stuff for me in the VOTD near Molgor. He announces his stuff at the market channel. Edit: I relocated him outside the votd tavern to serve the customers with the "hellspawn" perk better ;P