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  1. EL Error

    Hello, when i'm playing EL, sometimes happen a critical error and windows close it (EL). This happened in different stages, sometimes i'm mixing, others i'm walking (there's no padron on it). When i log in the only things that are not green are: Shadow map size not supported! Shadow map size reduced to 512! Not using vertex program for actor animation. I will apreciatte if someone can help me. Your sincerally, Bruno.
  2. Haidir quest

    I did already Talon quest and he gave me exp. didn't do vesine yet i'll see what happens
  3. Haidir quest

    hi, after 3 months of EL vacations i came back and went to haidir, normally he said "first kill the stuff (hobglobins) for "NPC"). Few minutes later, i went to buy wine from vesine, and when i talked to him, happeared the sentence "Haidir sent me". BUG: 2 quests on 30 minutes. btw, i didn't do the quest yet (rule #19) Your sincerally, bruno
  4. Huge Storage Sale

    SOLD ALL Tyvm all who bought from me, hope your happy with what you bought Thanks, brunofm
  5. Haidir Mission Bug

    Hi, it happened to me 2 times. After i talked to haidir to sent me to someone for the haidir daily quest, i forgot who was the guy (but i remember he was on NK catacombs) who i must meet so, i returned to him and talked again with haidir, pressed again the option "Need help?" and he sent me to a different person (Talon in WS).Then i went to met talon that sent me to kill 20 Hobgoblins. I killed them and returned to him, received the prize normal way. 2nd time after clicking on "need help?" haidir sent me to another person (that i don't remember, even the location)and, as i forgot the NPC name and location, came back to him and clicked again on "need help?". Once again he sent me to Talon. After this, things happened the right way. Seems we have a problem, haidir, for the same daily, chaged the npc who i should meet. our sincerally, brunofm
  6. Buying NMT

    As title says i'm looking for 1 NMT cape. Pm me with your price if you want to sell. Btw i'm also selling 8k sr's for 14.5gc ea or trade them for the ingredients + food. Thanks, (ingame) brunofm
  7. Auctioning 100k coal

    4 hours left for the end
  8. Auctioning 100k coal

    Hi, as the title says, i'm auctioning 100k coal. As you may know a joule stone will be used on sunday 5th february, so get the coal and make your bars there. Starting bid: 250kgc Bid:5k BIN:300kgc Leave your bid here or pm me in game (brunofm) Auction will end on saturday, 5th February by 14:00 GMT (2:00 pm)
  9. Suporte técnico em Português

    We need a bit more information: Operating system: Mac OS, Win 7/XP/Vista ..., Linux ... Video card Any messages in the error log. There are a few possibilities. If there is a problem with the graphics, try selecting 'poor man' in the options (the 3rd button), BEFORE logging on. It could also be a firewall issue or a permissions issue on the computer (not able to write data). Vinicius, para te poderem ajudar necessitam de saber: Qual é o teu sistema operativo? Qual a tua placa gráfica? E quando tu abres o jogo, aparecem-te uma data de frases lá... quais aquelas que aparecem a vermelho (idincam os erros) Se houver problemas com os gráficos, experimenta seleccionar a opção "poor man" que está disponivel nos "Settings" (que é o 3º botao ao lado do "new character") e dentros dos settings vais a "details" e selecciona então "poor man", só depois é que deves fazer o log on. Podem tambem ser problemas com a firewall ou problemas com permissões no computador. É o que diz uma modradora do jogo. Com os melhores cumprimentos, brunofsm
  10. Suporte técnico em Português

    "Eu tentei criar a conta e quando eu clico em New character da um erro e pede relatorio de erros,consequentemente fecha o jogo! o que fazer?" What he said is that he tried to create his character, but when he click on "new character" appear one error report and game close automatically. What shall he do? Thanks
  11. Sign up for "n00b" instances

    Hi, i would like to participate for the first time in a n00b isntance. My skills are over then 75 a/d ((a+d)/2)=77, and p/c 28/40. brunofm ingame GMT and i have a lot of free time.
  12. Develop Encyclopedia

    Hi all, as a player that i am, i use the encyclopedia a lot. The problem of it is that the bad translation that was done, particularly the bad brazilian portuguese used. The problem is that, for those that are newbies to the game (and for the other people also, but mostly for them) it's hard to get some information on it. I think, as a portuguese citizen that i am, that i must help on the translation and improve the game quality for the portuguese speakers community. I'm fully available and it would be a pleasure help on this issue. Your sinceraly, brunofsm
  13. huge storage sale

    11800+ bones (all you have)for 26,5kgc. brunofm ingame
  14. Cleaning storage

    buy tit shield for 34kgc. in game brunofm
  15. Manu quest special prizes

    Hi all, congratulations everybody who finished the quest. You all deserve the thermal but only one can win it. Good luck for all. Thanks entropy Your sincerally, brunofsm